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This list does not detail every known issue, but those that we feel could affect a wide range of users or might have a high impact. Please note that we cannot provide timelines for a fix and the awareness of an issue does not guarantee that it will be addressed.

If you are encountering an issue not listed in this article or have any questions relating to a known issue please contact our team Safe Software Support.

For information on Format, Transformer, and Feature Deprecations, please see FME Deprecations


FME Form (Formerly FME Desktop)

Known Issue ID Description Workaround Discovered Resolved

ArcGIS Server Feature Service Writer

  • Unable to create Feature Services
  • Authentication is not as complete/robust as the AGOL/Portal formats. Users may encounter issues when attempting to authenticate
  • Branch Versioning is not supported
None. 2023.0 Unplanned
FMEENGINE-78316 Excel Writer currently deletes the existing file, when 'overwrite existing' is enabled in the writer parameters. Disable overwrite existing file. 2022.2.6
FMEFORM-28857 FME Form does not load successfully. When opening FME Workbench, it starts up with the splash-screen as normal, but after "Initializing main window" the application does not load. This issue has been resolved as of 2024.0. Please download the latest version here. If you're not able to upgrade yet, please try the workaround detailed in @danminneyatsaf's comment here 2023.0 2024.0
FMEFORM-29077 FME 2023 launches with a toolbar and blank screen (typically on a virtual machine). Downgrade to FME 2022.2 2023.0 Resolved: Upgrade VMware Tools to a minimum OpenGL version of 3.3. See this article for more details.
FMEFORM-29101 Replacing a deployment parameter in the database connection of a reader/writer with a connection from FME Workbench will leave an invalid deployment parameter entry in Navigator. The reader/writer will then continue to use the old connection associated with the deployment parameter instead of the newly chosen connection. Remove the reader/writer, restart FME Workbench, re-add the reader/writer 2023.0 Unresolved
FMEENGINE-79926 Oracle Writer fails to create table with more than 100 attributes. Error: 'Too many values to bind'. None. 2023.0 2023.2
FMEENGINE-80344 Aggregator doesn't respect Group By setting when receiving 10,000 features or more Use a Decelerator before the Aggregator or use FME 2023.0 2023.1.0.0 2023.1.1.0
FMEFORM-29414 Transformer Order in the Navigation Panel - Not Alphabetical None. 2023.1.0.0 2023.1.1.0
FMEFORM-29429 List of Upgradeable\ Invalid\ Disabled Transformers does not appear in the Navigator Pane for this workspace in FME 2023.1+ None. 2023.1.0.0 2023.1.1.0
FMEENGINE-80576 If Anaconda3/ Miniconda3 Python 3.11 is installed on the same machine and Anaconda/ Miniconda is registered as the default Python 3.11, any FME package installation will fail with the error:

ImportError: DLL load failed while importing _ctypes: The specified module could not be found.
Error in running the Python command 'python %0'

Copy <anaconda InstallDir>/ Library/bin/ffi.dll to <anaconda InstallDir>/ DLLs
*Requires administrative permissions if Anaconda/Miniconda is installed for all users (ie. installation path is in %programdata%)


downgrade to Anaconda/ Miniconda Python 3.10


DEVOPS-3164 Users that add new floating license seats to an existing serial number, or request a license file with multiple serial numbers are getting licenses in two or more line items. This creates two or more “FME Form” license pools in the Licensing Assistant when there should only be one. 
Requesting an FME 2023 license will give you a license file wherein all editions associated with the serial number(s) are consolidated into a single edition called “FME Form”.  2023.0 2023.0
FMEENGINE-80724 Users with a custom Python 3.7 to 3.9 interpreter set in FME Form will encounter this warning:

FME supports Python 3.7 to 3.11. Ignoring the user-specified Python library version 3.0 from <pathToCustomInterpreter.dll>

Downgrade to FME 2023.0 2023.1 2023.1.2
FMEENGINE-80772 The Esri ArcGIS Layer Reader fails to bring up an input dataset selection dialog when selecting the ellipsis button with the error message that "Selecting Esri layers is unavailable". Instead of selecting from the ellipsis button, provide a known dataset path to the layer file. 2022.2+ Unplanned.

The AutodeskDocsConnector and web service stops working in existing workspaces and newly created web connections due to Autodesk's planned OAuth v1 deprecation. Upgrade FME to 2023.2 and update the AutodeskDocs package to v1.1.0 or newer. More information found in this article here . 2023.0 2023.2
FMEFORM-29677 FeatureWriter: Workbench unresponsive after importing feature type None. 2023.0 2023.2
FMEENGINE-81646 FeatureWriter: when there are multiple FeatureWriters in a workspace, performance is much slower than in prior FME versions. Set the 'Features to Read' to 'Data Features'. If you require the schema as well, obtain it from a separate FeatureReader set to 'Schema Features' and initiate it with a single feature (for example, using a sampler) 2023.0 2024.0
FMEENGINE-81599 FeatureJoiner crashes Adding a Decelerator before the Left port might help. (set "Delay Per Feature (Seconds)" to 0) 2023.0 Unresolved
FMEENGINE-80292 The Shapefile FeatureWriter & Writer produce excessive warning messages about the renaming of format attributes when set to Dynamic Mode and there is a performance loss. Downgrade to 2022 or turn off Log Warnings in FME Workbench (this will suppress all other warnings as well)
2023.0 2023.2.2 Build 23781 

Remove JCEKS description keys from FME 2023.1 

For the customers migrating from FME 2018 to FME 2023.1, all the database and web connections will not work. 

First upgrade from FME 2018.x to a build between FME 2019.0 to FME 2023.0, all the existing connections/web services will get migrated without any issue.  FME 2023.1 FME 2023.1

Installing FME Form 2023.0 through 2023.1.x breaks Windows AD auth in other installed 32-bit applications, with one of the following generic error messages shown:

Failure to access the DBMS

Server unable to load adalsql.dll

Upgrade FME Form to at least FME Form 2023.2, or download and install the Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server v. 19.3.1+. The issue lay in a bug that was discovered with the OLE DB Driver v19.2. FME Form 2023.2  

Newly authorized Named Connections for the Dropbox Web Service will always expire after four hours.

Add the following to the Web Service's OAuth 2.0 Authorization URL. token_access_type=offline 2024.0 2024.1

FME Flow (Formerly FME Server)

Issue ID
Description Workaround Discovered Resolved
The DateTime format in the FME Server Log Files has changed from
Mon-18-Jul-2022 01:48:26.085 PM

Mon.-18-Jul.-2022 01:48:26.085 p.m.
None. This is caused by upgrading FME Server from JDK 8 to JDK 17. This change is only present for certain locales.
For example, on a system where the default locale is en_US the DateTime format will not be affected, but if the default locale is en_CA.
2023.0 Unplanned
After supplying updated credentials for a previously configured system proxy, version control will not detect the updated credentials and continues to make requests using the old credentials. After updating the credentials under System Configuration >Network & Email > Proxy restart the FME Server Core Service. 2023.0 Unplanned
When transitioning from the V3 API to the V4 API, there is a known issue related to the handling of categories in Schedules. In the V4 API (which the FME Flow 23 UI uses), the concept of categories in schedules has been removed, and tags have been introduced as an alternative.

The issue arises when creating a schedule using the V4 API. In the V4 API, a default category is implicitly created and represented by a unique identifier. If this schedule is retrieved using the V3 API, the category listed will be this unique identifier. This may cause issues for users who have built a custom interface using the V3 API. 
None 2023.0 Unplanned
In REST API V4, the /permissions endpoint will now reference ids instead of names when setting permissions. This change will mainly affect users who this endpoint to set permissions for Flow Apps or Schedules. Use ids instead of names in REST calls. Refer to the REST API V4 documentation for more details. 2023.0 Unplanned
Internal Server Error when publishing or deleting a repository with a leading or trailing space. Delete the repository with trailing space from the server share (i.e. from File Explorer). Then delete from Web UI. 2023.0 Unplanned


When trying to create a webhook trigger, the web UI reports that the webhook URL is required and won’t let you create the trigger. The webhook URL is generated by FME Flow after the automation is saved and shouldn’t require any user input. Enter any text in the URL field to create the trigger. The automation then replaces the text on save with the generated webhook URL. 2023.0 2023.1 build 23600
FME Flow is loading slowly during login in an offline or highly restricted environment.

FME Flow is loading the Google Fonts API, which will take around 20 seconds to time out if it cannot be reached. 
If possible whitelist
2023.0 Unresolved
When a workspace webhook is created with a geometry parameter and then run, the translation fails due to a JSON syntax error. On the create webhook page, re-select the geometry parameter to update the webhook URL prior to saving.  2022.0+ (WIN) 2024.0
Python scripts using numpy fail on FME Flow when they worked on FME Form. Please open a support case and provide which version of FME you are on and the operating system you are using and we can provide a workaround.  2023.0.1 Build 23332 2023.0.2.1 Build 23339
When passing JSON parameters to an email subscriber using an FME Flow Topic action in an Automation, the email body contains the full JSON instead of the subscriber content specified in the JSON. This occurs when the topic message is passed as a JSON parameter in the FME Flow Topic action. Hardcode the topic message JSON in the Automation or use the FMEFlowNotifier transfomer in FME Workbench to pass the JSON as an attribute. 2023.0.1 Build 23332 2024.0
When installing a Distributed Engine the engine service will not start because of a missing file. Use build 23332 or later, or place the fmeserver.config in the files section of this article into the following directory <Install Directory> FMEFlow\ server\ security 2023.0.1 Build 23309 2023.0.2 Build 23332
When importing a project or restoring a backup that contains a Databricks connection created in FME 2023.1, the connection is not restored. There is no indication of that the Databricks connection has been skipped in the migration log.

Note: this bug only affects FME Flow 2023.1 instances that have not previously had a Databricks connection published.
Publish a new Databricks connection to the FME Flow instance prior to importing a package or restoring a backup that contains Databricks connections. Or, manually recreate the Databricks connection.

2023.1 Build 23611 

After creating a database connection (e.g. SQLite database connection using a database file in Resources) that uses an uploaded file on FME Flow (Server), trying to run a workspace that uses this database connection results in the following error:

`SQLite Reader: Failed to open database '$(FME_ SHARED RESOURCE _TEMP)\ database joiner.sqlite'. SQLite3 Engine error: `unable to open database file`
There are two workarounds available:

1. Upload the file (e.g. SQLite file) to Resources Data. 


2. Using the same database file on FME Form (Desktop), publish to FME Flow using the Embed Connection Parameter option
2022.2.5 Unplanned
A file parameter placed in a parameter group doesn't allow uploads in an FME Flow app. In FME Workbench, create a new workspace and create the file parameter(s) outside of the parameter group. 2023.0
Build 23319
Cannot save an FME Flow app that has required parameters in a parameter group unless default values are provided. In FME Workbench, move the parameters outside of the group. Or, on the FME Flow Create/Edit App page, provide default values. 2023.0
Build 23319
2023.2 Build 23734
Can no longer use the Guest account to provide unauthenticated web service access. Please see FME Deprecations. Provide a token to run workspaces without providing user credentials. 2023.0 Build 23105 2023.0 Build 23105
If Anaconda3/ Miniconda3 Python 3.11 is installed on the same machine and Anaconda/ Miniconda is registered as the default Python 3.11, any FME package installation will fail with the error:

ImportError: DLL load failed while importing _ctypes: The specified module could not be found. Error in running the Python command 'python %0'

Copy <anaconda InstallDir>/ Library/ bin /ffi.dll to <anaconda RootDir>/ DLLs
*Requires administrative permissions if Anaconda/ Miniconda is installed for all users (ie. installation path is in %programdata%)


downgrade to Anaconda/ Miniconda Python 3.10
2023.0 2023.1.2
Authorized users and roles do not save when 'Require Authentication' is enabled for a Flow app (any type). This affects installations with a large number of users and roles. Access can be granted via user management > items > category > choose the type of app you want to grant access to > grant permissions. If the Flow app is saved after permissions are applied via user management, the permissions will need to be reapplied. 2023.0 2023.2 Build 23735
When the FME Flow web UI is accessed via FQDN, SAML login attempt [ after typing in the IDP credentials and submitting] takes us back/loops to the IDP login prompt webpage. SAML works well after replacing the flow host FQDN with IP address. Reference the flow/server host with IP address instead of the FQDN [i.e. FME_SERVER _WEB_URL field in fmeServerConfig.txt and 
fmeServerWeb ApplicationConfig.txt]
Setup the SAML configuration with the IP address instead of the FQDN. 
2023.2 Build 23758,
FMEFLOW-21824 When a workspace with an Overview (created in FME Workbench Navigator window > Description > Overview) is being configured to run with Run Workspace on FME Flow, the Overview does not appear beneath the selected workspace.  None 2023.0
FMEFLOW-20647 Conditional/Dependent Visibility user parameters that use operators >, <, <=, >= will be displayed regardless of the options picked. Change the Conditional/Dependent parameters operators to Is or Is Not 2023.1 Unresolved
FMEFLOW-21878 Incorrect users and type listed when searching for roles in User Management Scroll to the role you want to view details for. If you have a large number of roles, use the GET /security/roles/< role > REST API endpoint 2023.1 2023.2 Build 23758
FMEFLOW-21879 FME Flow web UI search results are inaccurate in the following places:
User Management Roles: Users and Type
Automations: Last Updated
Flow Apps: Last Updated
Automation Apps: Expiration’
Gallery Apps: Number of Links
Resources: Date and Size
System Cleanup: Max Age, Filter, and Enabled
Broadcast Messages: Severity and Last Updated
Increase the number of visible items on the page and use your web browser's search feature instead. If there are too many items to display on one page and the web browser search cannot be used, then you may be able to access some item lists using the REST API and export the results to a file for searching.  2023.1 2023.2 Build 23758
FMEFLOW-21880 Password reset email doesn't get sent to users when using "Forgot your password?" on the web UI login page  Login to FME Flow with an admin account and manually change the users password from the User Management page. 2023.1 2023.2 Build 23756
FMEFLOW-21896 Automation Workspace Action: parameter selections do not persist if manual trigger parameters are provided as values for Date, Datetime, or Yes/No fields Hardcode the parameter values in the automation action.  2023.1 2023.2 Build 23756
NA Automation Log Action not logging Manual Trigger parameter values Use a Logger transformer in a workspace 2023.1 2023.2
FMEFLOW-21897 When passing an Automation parameter to a password parameter in a workspace action, the parameter's JSON name is passed to the workspace, not the value Hardcode the password value in the automation action.  2023.1 2023.2 Build 23758
FMEFLOW-21709 The FME Flow Backup and Restore does not restore Database and Web Connections on systems that use custom encryption. Switch to the weak encryption mode before performing the backup and restore. Please contact support if you have questions.
2023.1.1 2023.2,
FMEFLOW-21858 Project import overwrites existing web service even when a web connection is excluded from the import Update to 2023.2 2023.1 2023.2
FMEENGINE-79013 Job with SQL Executor completes successfully, but the SQL does not run. This occurs when there is no transformer connected after the SQLExecutor. Connect a logger to the Result port. 2023.0 2023.2
FMEFLOW-21750 Non-admin users with applicable permissions (Jobs > Manage) cannot filter Jobs by User Enable Manage permissions for Engines and Licensing for applicable users/roles  2023.0 2024.0

Users lacking access permissions for a deployment parameter in FME Flow may encounter the following error: "Undefined macro ‘s3-skytrain-bucket-connection’ dereferenced in file <path to workspace>." The missing macro is a deployment parameter. Grant the user permission to the deployment parameter. Please see this article for more troubleshooting steps and review Getting Started with Deployment Parameters. 2023.0 Unplanned
The FME Flow installer hangs and will not complete Please see Known Issue: PowerShell Execution Policy Prevents Installation of FME Flow 2022.2 Unresolved
N/A When copying/pasting the Run Workspace Action node in Automations, the Repository, and Workspace parameters are unavailable/missing.  Add a new Action node to the canvas instead of copying/pasting. 2023.0 2024.0

An error is returned when attempting to stop an Automation: 

"Error: Could not find prepared statement with handle 1."

Restarting FME Flow temporarily resolves the issue. 

Replace the JDBC driver in the Utilities (<FME Flow Dir>/Utilities/jdbc) folder with version 11.2.1 (mssql-jdbc-11.2.1.jre17.jar) as a permanent solution.
2023.0 Unresolved

When configuring an Active Directory connection and selecting the SASL mechanism = GSS-SPNEGO the user is not able to access the 'Authentication Services' web page. A message pops up stating “Internal Server error” [HAR log says 500 Internal error] and the screen stays greyed out with the “thinking” wheel.  The fmedirectoryserver.log mentions error "Unsupported SASL mechanism 'GSS-SPNEGO'".  

Please contact us for further assistance. 


2023.2.2, 2023.2


A “Python Exception <ImportError>: cannot import name ‘WSCException’ from ‘modules’” error is returned when running workspaces that use older versions of the following packages:

  • Google Cloud Storage (fpkg-google-cloud-storage)
  • Google Cloud PubSub (fpkg-google-cloud-pubsub)
  • Azure Storage (fpkg-azurestorage)
Upgrade the package in FME Workbench and re-publish the workspace and updated package to FME Flow. Run the workspace on Run Workspace page. 2024.0 Unplanned
FMEFLOW-22721 An automation with an Automation writer workspace is run after the workspace is republished to FME Flow with an update to the Automation writer ports. The automation ports do not automatically update and the mismatch sends an error message to the database and causes the job to get stuck as running on an engine, although it has actually completed. In Engine Management, bring the active engines down to zero. Restart FME Flow which moves the job into the queued state. In Jobs > Queued, cancel the job. Return to Engine Management and bring the engine count back up from zero.
To avoid the issue, re-add the workspace action to the automation after the automation writer has been updated.
2023.1, 2023.2 Unresolved
FMEFLOW-23097 A split merge block object is unable to be deleted from an automation canvas. Save the automation and refresh the page. Now you can select the Split merge block object and delete it  2023.0+ Unresolved
FMEFLOW-23006 FME Flow web connection in FME Form fails with a 401 error when password begins and ends with a special character (!, &, @, etc.) after initial token expires (approx. 10 days) Change user password to not include special characters both at the beginning and at the end of the password, such as a special character only at the end, and recreate the web connection 2023.0+ Unresolved
FMEFLOW-21285 Previously set password fields do not clear to a blank string by selecting the field and then saving it After selecting the password field, type something into it, then erase it before saving to reset the field to a blank string 2023.0+ 2024.1
FMEFLOW-21985 FME Flow workspace translation fails to find uploaded temp datasets when Engines are distributed across different operating systems

Copy file(s) to the system location where FME is expecting to find it, or first upload the file via the REST API and then call Webhook URL

2023.0+ Unresolved
FMEFLOW-23291 Cannot create a workspace webhook. The OK button is inactive and fields are missing from the Create Webhook page.

This affects workspaces with no published parameters and an SQLCreator or SQLExecutor. Add a published parameter to your workspace, use a native reader/writer, or use an Automation webhook and trigger it via a POST call.

2023.2 Unresolved
FMEFLOW-22746 Newly authorized Named Connections for the Dropbox Web Service will always expire after four hours.

Add the following to the Web Service's OAuth 2.0 Authorization URL.

2024.0 Unresolved

Jobs do not route to the correct queue if a routing rule based on role is used and the job is submitted via a FME Flow Workspace App with authentication enabled.

This is limited to workspace apps. If feasible, set the rule based on user instead of role. Otherwise, choose a different property to route the job or have authenticated users submit the job via Run Workspace instead.




"this broswer won't be supported" message appears when creating a Slack web connection

Create a new web connection in workbench from the Slack template.

Under Authorization Parameters > HTTP User Agent > and change the default value to FME Default



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