Known Issue: FME Workbench 2023 Opens as a Blank Window on a Virtual Machine

Jovita C.
Jovita C.
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FME Version

  • FME 2023.0
Known Issue ID FMEFORM-29077
Discovered 2023.0
Affects 2023.0+
Resolved Resolved for all builds


When running on a virtual machine, FME Workbench launches and displays a blank white screen with a toolbar. You can interact with the toolbar, add objects to the canvas through Quick Add, and hover your cursor over objects to get tool tips, but the objects added are not visible.

FME Workbench open as a blank white window with only a toolbar


This may be related to running an older OpenGL version such as 3.1 than is needed for FME 2023.0+ on your machine.


If this issue is occurring on a virtual machine, upgrade VMware Tools to upgrade OpenGL to a minimum of version 3.3. For more details, please see this Q&A thread where affected FME users have found success in upgrading VMware Tools to 12.3.5.

If you are experiencing this issue on your local machine, check your OpenGL version and upgrade it to a minimum version of 3.3.


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