Known Issue: SHAPEFILE Writer Adds 'Q_' Prefix to Attribute Names Beginning With Japanese Characters

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  • FME 2022.1


  Known Issue ID   FMEENGINE-76609
  Discovered   FME Desktop 2022.2.3
  Affects   Users working in a Japanese system
  locale, and authoring workspaces in
  FME Desktop 2022.1 through FME Form 2023.0*
  Resolution   Upgrade to FME Form 2023.1*

 * As of the FME 2023 release, FME Desktop is now FME Form


When writing an Esri shapefile in FME Desktop 2022.1 through FME Form 2023.0, users whose machines are set to a Japanese system locale (OS Locale: ja_JP, for example) will notice the attribute names in the output shapefiles are prefixed with ‘Q_’ anytime the source attribute name begins with a Japanese character.


Esri’s attribute naming rules are such that attribute names cannot begin with an underscore or a number. Several default attribute names output by FME transformers begin with underscores. We introduced the ‘Q_’ prefix to ensure those attribute names which begin with an underscore would comply with Esri’s guidance when written by the SHAPEFILE writer.

This adjustment had the side effect of also prefixing attribute names which begin with a Japanese character.


Users should upgrade to FME Form 2023.1, where a resolution to this issue has been implemented. Please see our downloads page  to acquire the latest FME installers. 

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