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This list does not detail every known issue, but those that we feel could affect a wide range of users or might have a high impact. Please note that we cannot provide timelines for a fix and the awareness of an issue does not guarantee that it will be addressed.
If you are encountering an issue not listed in this article or have any questions relating to a known issue please contact our team Safe Software Support.

For information on Format, Transformer, and Feature Deprecations, please see FME Deprecations


FME Desktop

Known Issue ID Description Workaround Discovered Resolved
FMEDESKTOP-11429 Selecting feature types to read for a Single Merged Feature Type reader using the Feature Types to Read parameter in the Navigator pane causes "Failed to Retrieve Feature Type" error.  Enable Prompt for User Parameters in the toolbar or through the Run menu and select the feature types to read through the Translation Parameter Values dialog.  2021.0 b21302 2021.1
FMEDESKTOP-11422 User Parameter for Choice missing the option to import values from Reader or Writer formats Upgrade to FME 2021.1 build 21554 or newer 2021.0 b21302 2021.1
FMEENGINE-70052 "Bad variant access" error when renaming numeric attributes. Typically this error has been seen when using the AttributeManager but could occur with the AttributeCreator or other related transformers. Upgrade to FME 2021.0.3.2 build 21332, or FME 2021.1.0.1 build 21610 or newer 2020.2.5 b20827
2021.0 b21331

You may experience a workspace hang or "Error running translation". This occurs when FME is building bulk mode feature from regular features in the following options:

  • FeatureJoiner
  • AttributeKeeper (Create Bulk Features=Yes)

  • FFS Writer (Enforce Strict Schema=Yes)

  • SQLite Non-Spatial Writer

  • MapInfo Extended Writer

or input features have attributes with missing values for some chunks of bulk mode features and not others resulting in a crash if the schema changes.

Upgrade to FME 2021.1 build 21611 or newer 2021.1
FMEENGINE-70115 AttributeFilter version 4: When using attribute values with characters separated by a space, they are not filtered Upgrade the transformer to version 5 or upgrade to FME 2021.0.3.2 build 21332 or FME 2021.1.0.1 build 21614 or newer. 2021.0 b21302 2021.0.3.2 b21332 or 2021.1.0.1 b21614
FMEENGINE-70231 When using the VertexCreator in Add Point mode to create point features, the output features are lines instead of points.  This will most frequently occur with CSV and Excel input data sources. This is a conflict with intentional behaviour that automatically generates points when latitude/longitude attributes are detected.  Article: Known Issue: VertexCreator creates lines instead of points 2021.1 b21607 2021.2 b21771
FMEENGINE-70732 Geocoder: Unavailable to add a new Geocoder transformer from the Transformer Gallery or Quick Add. Existing workspaces will still run with the Geocoder, but it may be listed under "Upgradable Transformers" to upgrade to an FME package version. However, the updated Geocoder package is available in FME 2021.2 and is newer. Copy a Geocoder transformer from a previous build of FME 2021.1 or upgrade to FME 2021.1.3 build 21631 or newer. 2021.1.2 b21627 2021.1.3 b21631
FMEENGINE-72228 When trying to select a Feature Service in a Group in the ArcGIS Portal Feature Service Reader, you receive the error "An unknown error has occurred".     
Use the ID to select the layer
Open the feature service that you want to add in a web browser, in the web URL, there is an "id="
Copy the value to the "Feature Service" parameter for the ArcGIS Portal Reader inside brackets e.g.  (64d00a7c2ed14b0f9da3857d83bd40aa)
2021.2.4 b21813

For ArcGIS Portal, if the password contains special characters such as @,#,$,%,&,* or !.

The following error message encountered  "Check your credentials and try again. The error code from the server was '400' and the message was: 'Unable to generate token. Invalid username or password.'" is displayed. 

The issue is encountered with both Web-tier and Portal-tier authentication i.e. 

  • Generate Token 
  • Basic 
  • Digest
  • NTLM / Kerberos 
Use Web connection for ArcGIS Portal(Oauth) to connect to the portal instance. (Works for Generate Token or SAML Authentication only)   2020.2.0.0 b20787 2021.2.2
FMEDESKTOP-11986 Sorter fails with space in attribute name when passed as a parameter Simply use the attribute name in the Sorter.


IS-9491 When trying to license FME Desktop 2021.0 or .1, you get an error message stating “This version of FME Form is no longer supported for trial licensing," and you're unable to specify your fixed or floating license in FME Licensing Assistant. Move existing licensing files or specify the license through the Command Line. Please see Known Issue: Unable to License Using FME Licensing Assistant in FME 2021.x for more information. 2021.0 2021.2



FME Server

Known Issue ID Description Workaround Discovered Resolved
FMESERVER-15328 Deadlock error attempting to remove Directory Server and associated Users/Roles from FME Server that connects to an MS SQL or Oracle Database. Article: Internal Server Error attempting to Remove Directory Server 2021.0 beta
2021.0 b21212
FMESERVER-16202 When stopping the topic monitoring there is a pop-up error message "There was an error connecting to monitoring service".  The socket is being intentionally closed, but IE is reporting an error on closure. Despite the error shown everything still works as expected. Optionally ignore this error in IE or proceed using a different web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.  2021.0 b21302 Unplanned
FMESERVER-16503 When a job is submitted it does not run and remains in the 'Queued' state.  Article: FME Server Engines Removed from Default Queue 2021.0 b21302 2021.0.1
FMESERVER-16510 Jobs fail because of a Database Connection error with messages such as ''unable to open database file' or file 'cannot be located'. The connection file is stored in FME Server’s Resources.  Article: File Database Connections Fail on FME Server 2021.0 b21302 2021.0 b21317
FMESERVER-16513 On the Engines page one or more engines are not running jobs and the Queue is Assigned to stream "". The engine cannot be reassigned to a different queue.   Article: Removing a stream does not reassign the engines back to the Default queue 2021.0 b21302 2021.0.1
FMESERVER-16571 After creating a new Active Directory Connection and enabling Single Sign-On it fails, in the fmeserver.log there is a WARN message 'No SASL mechanism was specified in configuration' Article: Single Sign-On fails with WARN 'No SASL mechanism was specified in configuration' 2021.0 b21302 2021.0.1
FMESERVER-16763 You have installed FME Server with a distributed database type Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server and Single Sign-On login fails, while manual Active Directory Login succeeds. Article: Single Sign-On fails when FME Server is configured with a Microsoft SQL or Oracle Database


FMESERVER-16787 An error similar to the following is returned when you attempt to run an FME Server backup: 
An error occurred:
migration.FMEConfigurationException: org.apache.commons.compress. 
path/to/file/file.ext's size exceeds the limit of 4GByte.
The backup process was unable to zip files larger than 4GB. Manually move the file mentioned to another location, run the backup process, and restore the file manually. 2021.0.1
FMESERVER-17030 In an Automation workspace action, the published parameters inside a collapsible Group Box are missing when you try to expand it. The Group Box's Collapsed State has three options that can be configured in FME Workbench's Parameter Manager: AutomaticOpen, and Closed. Use the Automatic state to prevent the Group Box from being blank in Automations.  2021.0 b21321 2022.0 b22280
FMESERVER-17123 The "Run Workspace" page header is visible in FME Server Apps and it overlaps with custom banner images. Upgrade to FME Server 2021.1 build 21614 or newer. 2021.1 b21607 2021.1 b21610
DEVOPS-1037 & DEVOPS-1468 During installation, you specified a database password containing a special character and on FME Server login you cannot connect to core. Article: FME Server Database Schema Creation Fails When Password Specified During Install Contains Special Character 2021.0.3
2022.0 b22325 
FMESERVER-17228 While installing the 32-bit FME Server, the installation seems successful, but FME Server will not start. In Windows Services, the FME Database Service will not be visible. Article: 32-Bit FME Server Install Not Working Properly 2021.0+ Unplanned
FMESERVER-17219 We found an issue with our Web Connections that were stored in FME Server. If you notice a web connection not working in FME Server we advise upgrading. This was found in an ArcGIS Online connection but will affect all connections.  Upgrade to FME Server 2021.1 build 21625 or newer. 2021.0+ 2021.1 b21625
FMESERVER-17246 The Directory Watch trigger will pass an incorrect path when monitoring a network resource with a missing backslash "\" at the end of the UNC path. Article: Known Issue: Directory Watch truncates network resource paths 2021.0+ 2022.2 b22752
FMESERVER-17453 When connecting an Automation component to a Workspace Action, the Workspace dropdown menu stays disabled/greyed out and you can't select a workspace. Switch the Action parameter to a different type, and revert it back to what you mean to set it as. 2021.2 b21752 2021.2 b21789
FMESERVER-17522 FME Token Service will hang if concurrent requests are sent to it. Example: http://localhost/fmetoken/ Use the REST API or the UI to create tokens as detailed here 2021.1 + 2021.2 b21791
N/A When setting an Excel spreadsheet's output path to a local or UNC path with a space, it will be incorrectly written into the repositories folder.  Example: C:\Path Space\file.xlsx gets written to C:\ProgramData\Safe Software\FME Server\repositories\Space\file.xlsx Use two double quotation marks around the path.  Example: ""C:\Path Space\file.xlsx"".   2021.1 b21619 2021.2 b21784
FMESERVER-17670 When deleting a user account and transferring ownership of items, previously shared/granted permissions are revoked once ownership of item is transferred and previous owner account is deleted.  Article: Known Issue: FME Server REST API V4 Deleting User Account Issue 2021.0 + 2021.2 b21808
FMESERVER-17662 After upgrading to FME Server 2021.x, workspaces containing the FMEServerJobSubmitter fail to submit jobs with 'Reason - unable to connect to FME Server'. Article: FMEServerJobSubmitter unable to connect to FME Server 2021.0 + Unresolved
DEVOPS-1721 The JDBC Connection String specified in a distributed/fault-tolerant install is ignored. In the fmeDatabaseConfig.txt the connection string is jdbc:postgresql://:5432/fmeserver. Edit the DB_JDBC_URL in the fmeDatabaseConfig.txt to point to your connection string and restart FME Server to apply the change.  2021.2+ 2022.0 b22294
FMESERVER-17724 Trying to edit an FME Server Web Connection in the Web UI there is an error "Some input parameters are malformed".

This error occurs if the FME Server Web Service definition was published to FME Server from FME Workbench 2021.2+. However, if the web service was uploaded by a restore you will not encounter this problem. To resolve the issue, delete the web service definition and publish it from an older version of FME Workbench and you should be able to make changes through the Web UI.

Alternatively, edit the Web Connections in FME Workbench and re-publish them. 

2021.2+ 2022.0 b22305

A server app (workspace or gallery) has ‘Require Authentication’ enabled and the allowed user is a user imported from Azure AD. When this user navigates to the app URL they are prompted to log in. After selecting ‘Sign in with Microsoft’ they are redirected to the FME Server home page instead of the app.

First, log into FME Server and then go to the server app URL. 2021.2+ 2022.1 b22600
The FILE/URL published parameter with the configuration of Path Selection > Single Path behaves differently on Workbench vs Server, causing some translations to fail.
Change Single Path to Existing Path in the parameter manager on FME Desktop. Or change the FILE/URL parameter to a text parameter. 2021.0+ Unplanned
FMESERVER-17883 Attempting to publish/upload a user-defined web service you encounter the error "Unable to create derived service from a non system web service". This issue occurs when the associated template web service is already uploaded to FME Server. Go to Files & Connections > Web Connections > Manage Web Services and remove this service.  2021.2 b21738 2022.0 b22321

Attempting to create a Workspace App results in a browser error "An unhandled exception has occurred due to some unexpectedly omitted information, consult the web service logs for further details" 


This issue occurs when a user parameter (of type Number or Date) does not contain a default value. A workaround is to set a default value, or change the parameter type to Text.   2021.2.3 b21812 2022.0 
FMESERVER-18350 An FME Server transformer is failing with the error "Reason - credentials for user '<username>' are invalid". Article: FME Server Web Connection fails with Reason - credentials for user are invalid 2021.0 2022.1 b22622
FMESERVER-17992       If you create a Queue Name that contains a special character (such as ^) engines will not be able to assign themselves to this queue. Create a Queue Name that contains spaces and alphanumeric characters only. 
Note: Underscore characters can be used as long as it is not the first character.  
2021.0+  2023.0
FMESERVER-17998 In an Automation you configure a Schedule with a set End Time, then start the Automation. Once the End Time passes you cannot stop the Automation. The error is: 

Unable to disable '<AUTOMATIONNAME>': Schedule task (Category: <UUID> Name: <UUID>) must have an end time greater than the scheduler current time.
Duplicate the Automation (this will copy it in a disabled state where it can now be edited) and then delete the original Automation. To duplicate the Automation go to  'Manage Automations'. Check the box next to the problem Automation and then select Actions > Duplicate.  2021.2+ 2022.1 b22585
FMESERVER-18525  Schedule fails to submit jobs after changing or transferring ownership to another user. In Resources>Logs>core>current>fmescheduler.log, you will see warning and errors messages:

WARN     FMEServerQuartzScheduler_Worker-4   406427 : Job submission failed. Category: <category> Name: <ScheduleName> Error: <ScheduleName>

WARN     FMEServerQuartzScheduler_Worker-4   406411 : Job submission failed. Please ensure Transformation Manager is available. Category: <category> Name: <scheduleName>

ERROR    pool-2-thread-1 406439: An error occurred while triggering: QSInvalidRequest

Open each schedule where the ownership has been changed and resave them. 2021.0+ 2023.0 b23113
FMESERVER-16186 In an FME Server App, you cannot click OK to run the app. This is likely because the workspace app contains a parameter that is required but is not visible and has no default value. Either set a default value or make the parameter visible. 

In the fixed versions of FME Server, users will be prompted to select a value for the parameter.
2021.0+ 2022.1+
FMESERVER-18290 Files can be uploaded to FME Server restricted admin folders by any authenticated account.  Article: Arbitrary file upload with any authenticated FME Server account 2021.0+ Unresolved
FMESERVER-18293 An administrator user can write files to any location on the server drive hosting the FMEServer, which could result in unintended or malicious file uploads. Article: FME Server vulnerability with arbitrary path traversal and file upload 2021.0+ 2021.2.6 and 2022.0.1
FMESERVER-18289 A user who has been granted access permissions on Repositories as well as Read and Publish permissions on any Repository is able to carry out an XML external entity (XXE) injection attack. Article: FME Server XXE vulnerability via adding a repository item 2021.0+ 2021.2.6 and 2022.0.2
When creating a new user in FME Server, FME Server does not validate the data on the backend, which can result in the username being overwritten via a POST request.  Article: Lack of server-side validation when creating a new user in FME Server 2021.0+ 2021.2.6+
FMESERVER-18288 When logging into FME Server, the request does not correctly validate the referrer value, which may result in an unwanted redirection.  Article: FME Server missing validation which may result in an unwanted redirect upon login 2021.0+ 2021.2.6 and 2022.0.1.1
FMESERVER-14600 | FMESERVER-18292 A security scan has reported vulnerabilities on FME Server with two stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). See article for CVEs. Article: FME Server Unauthenticated and Authenticated Stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerabilities 2021.0+ 2021.2.6 and 2022.0.1.1
FMESERVER-18922 If FME Server is hosted in a different time zone when creating a Basic or CRON Schedule (or Schedule in an Automation) the start and end times are adjusted. For example, if my current Server time: Fri-02-Sep-2022 11:30:00 AM -0700 and I set my schedule to start at 2022-09-02 20:00. After saving the Schedule it becomes 2022-09-02 13:00. Build a Schedule using the 'Repeat on Interval' Schedule Type.  2021.2.6 2022.2 b22729
FMESERVER-19159 In a Fault-Tolerant installation when the Core with the 'Active Job Router' fails, the remaining engines do not connect with the second Core Job Router. They will appear available in the Web UI but will not detect jobs in the queue for processing. This issue resolves itself after two hours.  In fmeEngineConfig.txt set the RECEIVE_TIMEOUT directive to 90000. Save the file and restart FME Server to apply the change. Setting this directive forces the Engine to terminate itself after it does not receive a translation request for the specified time, effectively breaking out of the hung state. 2021.2.5 Unresolved
FMEDESKTOP-13465 ArcGIS Online Web Connections created from new ArcGIS Online Web Services do not work on FME Server. When trying to add the URI to the web service after publishing to FME Server, an error "Some of all of the input parameters are invalid" is displayed on the UI. This is due to URLs needed for oauth 2.0 that are missing on FME Server. Upgrade to FME Server 2022.2.1 Upload AGOL webservice from FME Workbench 2020.  2021.2.6 2022.2.1



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