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FME Flow Troubleshooting Guides are where you can find solutions to common questions and issues that arise while working with FME Flow (formerly FME Server). On this page, you will find a list of guides dedicated to main topics in FME Flow. 

Start by answering our recommended Initial Troubleshooting Questions. These questions will help you narrow down the details of the problem so you can use the troubleshooting guides more effectively. Investigate the problem to gather more information about the issue that is happening in FME Flow.

Find our suggestions for gathering this information in the FME Flow Debugging Toolbox

Once the issue is narrowed down to a particular FME Flow topic, find it in the list of Troubleshooting Topics

If you’re just getting started with FME Flow, there are many ways to learn foundational skills. The Knowledge Base  has step-by-step tutorials specific to many different workflows. For more structured learning, we also offer free training in self-directed and guided formats. A great place to start is the FME Academy’s FME Flow Authoring trail. 

Content Overview

Initial Troubleshooting Questions
Troubleshooting Topics
Still Experiencing Issues?
Have Ideas On How To Improve FME Flow?

Initial Troubleshooting Questions

Have I identified the problem?

If you already know what is causing the problem or have a question specific to a certain topic, find the relevant topic in the FME Flow Troubleshooting Guide. 

If you’d like to proceed with further debugging steps, please continue to the FME Flow Debugging Toolbox

Have I reviewed the FME Flow documentation? 

If you’re using an older version of FME Flow, make sure to review the right documentation guide

Have I checked the FME Flow Log files for more information?

Log files are a fantastic troubleshooting resource because they record nearly all processes, including errors and warnings. Every job on FME Flow produces a log file with its translation details. Additionally, each component and service has a dedicated log file.


Has the problem been discussed in the FME Community?

The FME Community has articles, forums, guides, and tutorials posted for thousands of topics. Try using the Search function with a couple of keywords that describe your issue, its possible someone has discussed it before!

What version of FME Flow am I running?

A list of known issues is published for every major release. For example, Known Issues in FME 2024.x.

Is the problem caused by FME Flow, FME Workbench, or another application?

This page focuses on troubleshooting issues that originate in FME Flow. For troubleshooting FME Form (formerly FME Desktop) and related applications, view our other FME Troubleshooting Guides.

Only when a workflow can run successfully in FME Workbench should you advance to troubleshooting in FME Flow. 

To determine if the issue originates in FME Flow or the FME Engine Service, please follow the steps on Job Failures: Determine if FME Flow or FME Engine is the Cause .

Why do my workflows have poor performance on FME Flow?

Workspace design is the best starting point for improving performance in FME Flow. Please find our best tips for optimizing FME Form workflows in Performance Tuning FME. Next, review the Tech Specs to make sure the system host for FME Flow meets minimum requirements. Finally, the Host System Sizing guide has installation and architecture recommendations for maximizing your FME Flow’s potential. 

More useful troubleshooting questions:

  • Has this ever worked for me? If yes, what changed between then and now?
  • Have I recently made any additional configuration changes to FME Flow?
  • Could my installation type be a factor? (Distributed/Express)
  • If I restart FME Flow, does it work?

If you would like to proceed with more in-depth troubleshooting, please review our FME Flow Debugging Toolbox

If you ever need to report a problem with FME Flow to Safe Software, please provide as many answers to these questions as possible. Use our guide, How to Create a Great FME Flow Support Case, to create a case with all the information our team needs to deliver the fastest and best support.

Troubleshooting Topics


FME Workbench and FME Flow

Connecting to FME Flow from FME Workbench



Job Submission  


Automating Workflows

Email Notification Service



Flow Apps: Workspaces Apps, Gallery Apps and Automation Apps
FME Data Express  


Files and Connections

Log Files  
Database Connections  
Web Connections



Custom Transformers



User Management

Windows Active Directory
Azure Active Directory

Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) or Single Sign On (SSO)


Engine Management

FME Flow Engines  


System Configuration

Configuring for HTTPS/SSL  
Cleanup Tasks  


Backup and Restore 


Accessing FME Flow

Web Interface Login  


Esri ArcGIS Licensing
Version Control

Still Experiencing Issues?

Please search for your issue or post your question to the FME Community.

If you need to encounter a bug or defect with FME Flow, please report a problem. For tips on creating an FME Flow Support case, see How to Create a Great FME Flow Support Case .

Have Ideas On How To Improve FME Flow?

You can add ideas or product suggestions to our Product Ideas.

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