FME Flow Troubleshooting: Tokens

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Full Guide: FME Flow Troubleshooting Guide

Are you encountering issues with the FME Flow (formerly FME Server) Token Service? Please read below for some common troubleshooting tips, questions and resources.

In 2023, FME Server underwent a name change and is now known as FME Flow. Since this article discusses features present in previous versions of FME, it will refer to both names interchangeably, using the appropriate product name based on the year the feature was introduced. For more information on the rebranding, see our website

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Initial Troubleshooting  
Common Issues

Initial Troubleshooting

  • Can the user successfully log into the FME Flow Web UI with their username and password?

    • This confirms that the user account is ok. If not, please see this article.

  • Does the API token have the correct permissions, is it enabled and not past the expiry date?

    • To check this click on the User Settings in the top right corner of the FME Flow Web UI and select Manage Tokens.

  • Check the FME Flow token log for any error messages (Resources > Logs > Service > current > token.log)

  • In FME Server 2018.1 and older if the token expiration or refresh is occurring after undesired time periods, check the MIN_EXPIRATION, MAX_EXPIRATION AND TOKEN_REFRESH_INTERVAL parameters in the FME Token Service Properties File.

Note: Token Management had a complete overhaul in FME Server 2019. If you have recently upgraded please review Token Management in FME Server 2019 article for more information about the new and improved capabilities.

Common Issues

“I have a published parameter with the name token and my workspace is failing when run on FME Flow”

When I try to run my workspace on FME Flow, it fails job submission. I have a published parameter with the name ‘token’. Token is a reserved parameter name, so when the job is run in FME Flow the engine is looking for an FME token value. Therefore to resolve this issue please change the name of your published parameter.


“I'm getting an error saying 'Authentication Failed: Account is disabled' when trying to run a workspace with my token.”

Check the token's permissions and make sure it has access to the service that you're trying to submit the job to (Job Submitter, Data Download, Data Streaming, etc).


Tokens and FME Flow Apps

“After upgrading to FME Server 2020 or newer, any FME Server Apps that contain web or database connections fail with a permissions error”

In FME Server 2020 we performed a security update, this means that users are required to reset any token permissions for web or database connections before running workspaces via a token. This action will need to be performed one time only. For more information please review this article.


“I have created an FME Flow App but when I run it it fails with a connection runtime error”

If the workspace behind your FME Flow App contains a web or database connection that is not a published parameter you will need to explicitly set the token permissions to give access to this connection. Please review this article for instructions on how to set these permissions.


Questions from FME Community Q&A


Other Resources


2018.1 and prior: FME Server Token Service

2019.0 and newer: Managing Security Tokens

Rest API

Training: FME Flow Rest API

FME Server Playground: Authentication and Authorization


Are you still experiencing issues?

Please consider posting to the FME Community Q&A if you are still experiencing issues that are not addressed in this article. There are also different support channels available.


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