Job Failures: Determine if FME Server or FME Engine is the Cause

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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You may find that you have a workspace that runs on FME Desktop, but fails on FME Server and you've tried many steps to troubleshoot, but still don't know the cause. In that case, it's possible that the problem is actually with the FME Engine when it runs continually and waits for jobs as it does with FME Server. This can be replicated using FME Desktop and a COMMAND_FILE (i.e. superbatch mode). The following procedure helps you determine if the problem is specific to FME Server or the FME Engine.

Step-by-step Instructions

Log in to the machine where FME Desktop is installed to complete the troubleshooting steps.

1. Create the Command File
Create a text file (the command file) that contains the complete path to the workspace file. Duplicate this line so that it will simulate multiple workspaces running. Save it with any name, but remember where you saved it as it will be referenced in the next step. 
"C:\Users\lsanderson\Documents\Safe Projects\Batch\SuperBatch_Demo.fmw"
"C:\Users\lsanderson\Documents\Safe Projects\Batch\SuperBatch_Demo.fmw"

2. Open Command Window in FME Desktop Directory
Navigate to the install directory of FME Desktop, then hold shift while right-clicking then select “Open command window here.”

3. Run the Command
In the FME directory, run the following command:

fme.exe COMMAND_FILE <pathToCommandFile>


fme.exe COMMAND_FILE “C:\Users\lsanderson\Documents\Safe Projects\Batch\COMMAND_FILE.txt”



  • If the error occurs:
    • The FME Engine is at fault.
    • You may also see additional information about the crash.
    • Send all available information to FME Support.
  • If the error doesn’t occur:

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