How to Create a Great FME Flow Support Case

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Sienna Emery
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Where to start

Troubleshooting with FME Flow (formerly FME Server) can be challenging, but there are many resources and the community available to help. 

If these steps fail to resolve the issue in FME Flow, the next best step is to reach out to the support team for assistance. When filing a case with our support team, there are a few things that should be included to expedite the troubleshooting process. Find our best tips below. 

In 2023, FME Flow underwent a name change and is now known as FME Flow. Since this article is for all versions of FME Flow and FME Server, it will refer to both names interchangeably, using the appropriate product name based on the year the feature was introduced. Some of the resources referenced in this article will also use the names interchangeably as we work to update our content. For more information on the rebranding, see our website

What to include

great support case starts with the information provided.

Use this checklist as a quick guide for what to include. Click on the hyperlinks for a better description of these items. 

See the FME Flow Troubleshooting Guide's Initial Troubleshooting Questions for more questions. 

What Version of FME Flow are you using?

First, it’s important to let us know which version of FME Flow you are using. The version can be found in the bottom left corner of the FME Flow UI.

It’s best to copy and paste everything including the build number.



What is the Architecture of your FME Flow? Distributed or Express Install?

When you initially installed FME Flow, were all components installed on one machine (Express) or did you install components on separate machines (Distributed)? Did you use the default Postgres database or are you using another database? Contact your FME Flow Administrator to answers to these questions or follow the instructions below.

How can I confirm what kind of installation my FME Flow is?

On the machine that FME Flow is installed on, open Windows Services by selecting Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. From Services, confirm if FME Server Core, FME Server Engine, FME Server Database, and the FME Server Application Service are all located on the same machine. If they are, FME Flow is an express install.


For an express installation, all FME Flow Services are found on the same machine. 

Additionally, you can send in a screenshot of your Deployment Status from the FME Flow Web Interface. In FME Flow, using the left-hand menu locate the Engine Management (2023.0+) or Licensing & Engines (2022.2 or prior) page and then select Deployment Status.


An example of a Deployment Status page FME Flow express installation


 Include the FME Flow Logs

Logs are the best way to start troubleshooting your FME Flow issue. The easiest way to expedite your case is to send your entire FME Flow Logs folder to the support case. 

Unsure where to find Log files?

Review the FME Flow Troubleshooting Toolbox: Troubleshooting with Logs for instructions. 

If the logs are too large to send through email, please send them to our FTP site. See Upload a File to the Safe Software Support FTP instructions.

Workspace Related Issues

If this is an issue with a specific workspace, please send in the job log from the problem workspace and the workspace itself. If possible, please try running the workspace in FME Form (formerly FME Desktop) to see if it succeeds. If possible, run the FME Form workspace on the same machine where FME Flow is installed.

Please ensure that the FME Form and FME Flow you are using are the same versions. If you need to find out what version of FME Form you are using see How Do I Know What FME Build, License, or Version I am Running.

Share the results of these FME Form and FME Flow logs with our Support team

Additional Resources

After you submit a case, continue to troubleshoot and update the case with any updated information or supporting details. The FME Flow Troubleshooting Guide is the best resource for working through issues on FME Flow.

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