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Full Guide: FME Flow Troubleshooting Guide

Are you encountering issues setting up, running, or viewing the FME Flow (formerly FME Server) Dashboards? Please read below for some common troubleshooting tips, questions, and resources.

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Initial Troubleshooting

  • Each FME Flow Dashboard is controlled by a workspace – check the Job History for each workspace and verify that it completed successfully and has written features.
  • Sometimes the first run of Dashboards after enabling the schedule will fail. If this happens, simply edit the schedule again – make sure to specify Run Immediately. If the same issue is reproducible see the content below.

Common Issues

“How do I create my own FME Flow Dashboard?”

Please see our documentation for more information regarding how to get started and how to create your own FME Flow Dashboard.

“I configured FME Flow for HTTPS / SSL and now my Dashboard Workspace Schedule fails! How can I fix this?”

This is a known issue if you have configured FME Flow with a self-signed certificate – you will not experience this issue if you use a CA-issued certificate (like FME Flow Hosted (formerly FME Cloud) does). To fix this problem, you must download the Dashboard workspace(s) using FME Workbench, and change a parameter in HTTPCaller. Under the 'HTTP Client Options', find the parameter 'Verify SSL Certificates' and set it to "No". Republish the workspace to FME Flow. You will not have to make any modifications to the Schedule.

“The FME Flow Dashboards are blank / empty / do not exist” or “The FME Flow Dashboards are not updating”.

1. Are FME Flow Dashboards enabled?

Please see FME Flow Dashboards: Documentation for instruction on how to enable FME Flow Dashboards.

2. Are the FME Flow Dashboard Workspaces completing successfully?

FME Flow comes with four default Dashboard workspaces and one controller workspace. Check that each workspace is completing successfully by checking the Jobs > Completed page in the web interface.

  • JobHistoryStatisticsGathering.fmw
  • AverageRunningTime.fmw
  • DailyAverageQueuedTime.fmw
  • DailyTotalJobs.fmw
  • DailyTotalRunningTime.fmw
  • FailuresByWorkspace.fmw

3. Are the FME Flow Dashboard Workspaces successfully writing out data?

View the FME Flow Job Log to ensure that the HTML or CSV (only JobHistoryStatisticsGathering.fmw) is being created successfully. Look for the following near the bottom of the log file:

Features Written Summary
Total Features Written 1


4. Are the FME Flow Dashboards disappearing?

FME Flow comes with cleanup tasks to try and protect the server from running out of disk space.
You can test disabling the clean up tasks for dashboards and see if they persist. If they do, you may want to consider revisiting your Clean Up configuration or free up more disk space.

5. Does the user have the minimum permissions to view FME Flow Dashboards?
Please ensure the user has the permissions below:

  • Dashboards-Access
  • Access and List for Dashboards (under Resources)
"I receive the error 'Please ask your Flow Administrator to grant 'Access' and 'List' permissions to the Resource named Dashboards' when trying to access the Dashboards page"
  • Make sure your user or role has been granted access to Dashboards
  • If you have access, it is possible that an html file used to generate the dashboard has been accidentally renamed. Check the html file names found in <fme flow share location>\resources\dashboards\dashboards. They should match the name of the workspaces used to generate them. For example, AverageRunningTime.html

Are you still experiencing issues?

Please consider posting to the FME Community Q&A if you are still experiencing issues that are not addressed in this article. There are also different support channels available.

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