FME Flow Troubleshooting: Submitting a Job in FME Flow

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Liz Sanderson
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Full Guide: FME Flow Troubleshooting Guide

This article specifically applies to problems in which you are unable to submit a job to FME Flow (formerly FME Server), or experience an error for a specific transformation service. For troubleshooting tips where a job runs but returns an error in the job log, please see: Job Runs in Workbench but not FME Flow.

In 2023, FME Server underwent a name change and is now known as FME Flow. Since this article discusses features present in previous versions of FME, it will refer to both names interchangeably, using the appropriate product name based on the year the feature was introduced. For more information on the rebranding, see our website

Content Overview 

Initial Troubleshooting

  • Are you encountering this issue with all workspaces, for example, try running the austinApartments.fmw from the Samples Repository and do you still hit an error?
  • Are you encountering this issue running the job under the Job Submitter service, or only one of the other services? 
  • Turn on developer tools in your browser. Open the Network tab and then run the job in the FME Flow web interface. Check for any error messages that are returned. 
  • Check the Core and Tomcat log files for any ERROR or SEVERE messages. These in particular could be useful:
    • <fmeserverSystemShare>\Logs\tomcat\catalina.log
    • <fmeserverSystemShare>\Logs\tomcat\localhost_access_log.txt
    • <fmeserverSystemShare>\Logs\core\currentfmeserver.log
    • <fmeserverSystemShare>\Logs\core\processmonitorcore.log
    • <fmeserverSystemShare>\Logs\engine\processmonitorengine.log

Common Issues

“When submitting a job from the Run Workspace page I get ‘There was an error submitting job’”

There are a number of reasons why this error might occur. Please see this article for how to resolve common issues. Start by following the steps under the general troubleshooting section to get a more informative error message. 

“When I submit a job on FME Flow, it goes into the Queued state and never runs”

There are a number of reasons why this error might occur, including: 

  • The FME Flow Engines Service is not running
  • FME Flow has not been licensed
  • The Engines cannot connect
  • The Jobs are being submitted to a Queue that has not been assigned Engines

Please see this article for more information. 

“I cannot find the default Repositories shipped with FME Flow e.g. Samples, Utilities”

You may encounter this issue if you are using FME Server 2018 or older. Please see this article for more information. 

“After running a job under the Data Download or Data Stream service there is no output data”

Please see this article for more information. 

“Running a job under the Data Streaming service returns a zip file”

This is the expected behavior if the workspace is configured to write out multiple files. Please see this article for more information. 

”<WorkspaceName>.fmw could not be opened”

If FME cannot open the workspace file, there are two common causes: 

  • On a Windows installation, the workspace path name exceeds the character limit (260). Resolve this issue by either: 
    • Reduce the number of characters in the workspace path name (located in the FME Flow System Share directory)
    • Updating Windows system settings to allow more characters (see "Enable long file path support "). 
  • The account running the FME Flow Engines, Core, and Web Application Services does not have the required permissions for both the installation and FME Flow System Share directories. 
    • The default locations are:
      • System Share: C:\ProgramData\Safe Software\FME Flow\
      • Installation Folder: C:\Program Files\FME Flow\

Are you still experiencing issues?

Please consider posting to the FME Community Q&A if you are still experiencing issues that are not addressed in this article. There are also different support channels available.

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You can add ideas or product suggestions to our Ideas Exchange.



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