FME Server Troubleshooting: Notifications

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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Are you encountering issues with the Notification Service in FME Server? Please read below for some common troubleshooting tips, questions and resources.


Topic Monitoring

  • Have you pressed the ‘Start Monitoring’ button?
  • If you test the topic, does a notification arrive?
  • Does topic monitoring work on the same server that FME Server is installed on?
    • Test on the server, and a remote machine.
  • Is port 7078 open (default port for WebSocket communication, which Topic Monitoring uses)?
  • Do you see any errors in the Developer Information window (In Google Chrome right click > Inspect > Network > refresh page)?
  • Have you checked the log files?

    • fmenotification.log (Logs > Service > current)
  • Even though topic monitoring is not working, are the correct notifications being triggered?
  • Have you configured for SSL?

Publications or Subscriptions

  • Are the right ports open for the right protocol?
  • If using Email as a protocol, has your email account been configured to allow other applications to use it?
  • Check the log file for the Publication/Subscription being used (Logs > core > current >)
  • Are you seeing expected topic messages and content in the Topic Monitoring window?

Existing Questions in the FME Community Q&A

  1. Distributed engine environment causes data to be written to the wrong location
  2. Topic Monitoring doesn’t connect
  3. Topic Monitoring doesn’t work in Mozilla Firefox
  4. Topic Monitoring isn’t working after configuring for HTTPS/SSL

For questions relating to specific publisher or subscriber protocols, I would suggest searching or posting on our FME Community Q&A

Other Resources

Notifications documentation

FME Server Authoring Course

Ultimate Real-Time: Monitor Anything, Update Anything Webinar

Integrating the Enterprise with Event-Driven Messaging Webinar

Are you still experiencing issues?

Please consider posting to the FME Community Q&A if you are still experiencing issues that are not addressed in this article. There are also different support channels available.

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You can add ideas or product suggestions to our Ideas Exchange.

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