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This list does not detail every known issue, but those that we feel could affect a wide range of users or might have a high impact. Please note that we cannot provide timelines for a fix and the awareness of an issue does not guarantee that it will be addressed.

If you are encountering an issue not listed in this article or have any questions relating to a known issue please contact our team Safe Software Support.

For information on Format, Transformer and Feature Deprecations, please see FME Deprecations


FME Desktop

Known Issue ID Description Workaround Discovered Resolved

The loaded plugin's FMEPluginCapabilities 'realdwg/REALDWG' has changed the process locale to 'English_Canada.1252' which is incompatible with FME 'English_Canada.utf8' locale. 

No known workaround. 2022.0 2022.0 b22345+
FMEENGINE-72009 Executing Python scripts that change locale will result in unexpected errors in FME 2022.0 Please see this article for ways to work around this issue. 2022.0 Unresolved
FMEENGINE-71266 Running Python in FME 2022.0 on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019 version 1909 or older may cause a crash.  Please see this article for a resolution 2022.0 Unresolved
FMEENGINE-73399 ArcGIS Online Workspaces running on a Ubuntu machine will fail with the error "simplejson.errors.JSONDecodeError: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)" No known workaround.  2022.0
FMEENGINE-73477 When using R 4.2 with FME the following error will occur.
ERROR |RCaller (InlineQueryFactory): Failed with exit code 1 when executing R script. Output was: Loading required package: gsubfn
Loading required package: proto
Loading required package: RSQLite
Error in if (fmeOutput != "") dbWriteTable(dbcon, "Output", fmeOutput,  :
the condition has length > 1
Execution halted
2022-05-20 23:28:11|   0.3|  0.0|ERROR |RCaller (InlineQueryFactory): Failed to execute scripted code.
Downgrade to R 4.1.3 or lower 2021.0.1.0 2022.2 b22705+
FMEENGINE-73388 Non-ASCII path handling causes FME Desktop applications to crash on startup.
Possible paths that could have non-ASCII characters that could cause a crash are:
  • User App Data folder 
  • FME Resource folders
  • FME temporary folder
  • Windows font folder
Remove non-ASCII characters from paths or upgrade to FME 2022.0 build 22343 or newer 2022.0 b22337 2022.0 b22343
FMEDESKTOP-12415 Workbench sometimes crashes when double-clicking the source file path in the navigator on macOS No known workaround 2022.0 b22281 2022.1 b22551+
FMEENGINE-74482 Error dialog pops-up on workbench startup that says "VCRUNTIME140D.dll is missing on your computer". The issue only occurs on Windows Server 2012. No known workaround 2022.1.1

2022.1.2 b22627

N/A 3D mode is unavailable when viewing data in Visual Preview or FME Data Inspector when FME is installed on a virtual machine Please see this article for a workaround to this issue.  2022.0 Unresolved
FMEDESKTOP-13160 If a workspace was built in an older version of FME and opened in 2022.1, the initial bounds for map display values can be swapped in the Geometry Parameter.  Compare the values in the older version and 2022 to ensure they match. 2022.1.1
FMEENGINE-73455 Microsoft SQL Server Non-Spatial (MSSQL_ADO): writing to an existing table with an attribute with type varbinary(max) or nvarchar(max) will result in the following warning:
Microsoft SQL Server Non-Spatial Writer: Attribute `geometry_wkb' of feature type `dbo.osf_pois_polygon_NS' has specified type `nvarchar(max)', but existing database table field has type `nvarchar_max'. Information may be lost during conversion
Microsoft SQL Server Non-Spatial Writer: Attribute `geometry_wkb' of feature type `dbo.osf_pois_polygon_NS' has specified type `varbinary(max)', but existing database table field has type `varbinary_max'. Information may be lost during conversion
  1. Under the Writer parameters > Advanced > Set Bulk Inserts to "No"
  2. Use the Microsoft SQL Server Non-Spatial (JDBC) format
2022.0 b22337 Unresolved
FMEENGINE-74427 Specifying a search envelope for the WFS Reader will cause translation failure in FME 2022.1. The following error will occur:
Unknown coordinate system ' ' specified - aborting
Use a Creator transformer to create a bounding box polygon, and then use this bounding box as a spatial filter with the FeatureReader. Set the Spatial Filter parameter of the FeatureReader to Bounding Box OGC-Intersect
FMEDESKTOP-13280 FMEServerJobSubmitter (version 4) is submitting jobs incorrectly to FME Server, if the child job has a text parameter and the FMEServerJobSubmitter is using an attribute value to submit it. Keep the FMEServerJobSubmitter on version 3 and don't modify it in 2022.1. 2022.1
FMEENGINE-74240 Writing Excel files with a template file selected outputs a corrupt Excel file. Opening the Excel file in Microsoft Excel causes a recovery error to appear. No known workaround. 2022.1 b22618 2022.2 b22742
FMEENGINE-75065 Oracle 11g Database Incompatibility (Oracle Spatial Formats)
Reader Message : (there may be some success reading if not using a spatial query):
WARN |Execution of statement `SELECT table_name, column_name, d.dcount, SRID FROM USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA OUTER APPLY(SELECT COUNT(*) AS dcount FROM TABLE(diminfo)) d' did not succeed; error was `ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended'. 
OR if using Spatial Query may also see
ORA-29902: error in executing ODCIIndexStart() routine
ORA-13208: internal error while evaluating [window SRID does not match layer
SRID] operator

Writer Message

WARN  |Execution of statement `SELECT table_name, column_name, d.dcount, SRID FROM USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA OUTER APPLY(SELECT COUNT(*) AS dcount FROM TABLE(diminfo)) d' did not succeed; error was `ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended'. 
ERROR |Execution of statement `INSERT INTO "<table>" (  "<col1>", "<col2>", "<col3>", "<col4>",  "GEOMETRY" ) VALUES (  :"<col1>", :"<col2>", :"<col3>", :"<col4>", :"GEOMETRY")' did not succeed; error was `ORA-29875: failed in the execution of the ODCIINDEXINSERT routine
ORA-13365: layer SRID does not match geometry SRID
ORA-06512: at "MDSYS.SDO_INDEX_METHOD_10I", line 720
ORA-06512: at "MDSYS.SDO_INDEX_METHOD_10I", line 225'. 
No Known workaround. 2022.0
FME Workbench will crash while trying to access the parameter window in the Excel Reader/Writer after reading or importing from a XLSM dataset. Add Readers/Writers to the canvas without opening the parameters. 
2022.1 Unresolved
DEVOPS-2856 Starting In FME 2022.0, Windows installers does not add FME_HOME (FME install directory) to PATH environment variable on Windows. This change could affect users who access FME functionality through Python scripts as required .dll files cannot be located and loaded. Manually add FME install directory to PATH environment variable 2022.0 Unresolved
FMEENGINE-74327 Excel Writer performance is much slower in 2022.1 compared to previous versions of FME  No known workaround. 2022.1 2022.1 b22625
FMEDESKTOP-13325 FME Workbench crashes on startup - Qt6.Gui_fme.dll related error Please see this article for the workaround. 2022.1.3 2022.2 (b22788)
FMEENGINE-74950 JSONValidator is rejecting \n  Update the JSON to \\n 2022.1.2.0 
FMEDESKTOP-13560 ArcGIS Online Feature Writer - older workspaces opened in FME 2022.0 or newer have their parameters reset No known workaround. Please see this article for more information. 2022.0 Unresolved
FMEDESKTOP-10892 FME Workbench won’t start on MacOS Please see this article for the workaround. 2021.2 Unresolved
FMEDESKTOP-13873 When publishing a workspace to FME Server with a web connection that uses Windows Authentication, only the 'Samples' repository is available for selection, even though the user's permissions grant them access to additional repositories on FME Server. Disable the guest account on FME Server  2022.0+ Unresolved
Excel Writer currently deletes the existing file, when 'overwrite existing' is enabled in the writer parameters.
Disable overwrite existing file 2022.2.6 Unresolved
FMEENGINE-77154 ESRI Licensing not working with ArcServer if ArcServer and Pro are both installed. Uninstall either ArcPro or ArcServer and restart FME. Please contact Safe Software Support if you require a different workaround.  2022.2.4+ 2023.1
FMEENGINE-76915 If the workspace's Python Compatibility parameter is set to 'Esri ArcGIS Python 3.9', NTLM authentication for Python-based formats (eg. Microsoft SharePoint List, Esri ArcGIS Server Feature Service, Esri ArcGIS Portal Feature Service, OData) fails with the message:
Python Exception <ValueError>: unsupported hash type md4
Change the workspace's Python Compatibility parameter to any of the FME Python options. 2022.1 2023.0 b23265
FMEFORM-28714 When trying to create a web connection for ArcGIS Portal 11.1, the process fails with the error: Unable to retrieve access token To create an ArcGIS Portal 11.1 web connection, upgrade to at least FME 2022.2.7 b22801 or later. You must also define a new web service - ArcGIS Portal web services defined in prior versions of FME will not work. Please see Known Issue - FME fails to create a portal web connection to ArcGIS Enterprise 11.1 2022.2.6 b22800 2022.2.7 b22801+


FME Server

Known Issue ID Description Workaround Discovered Resolved
FMESERVER-17228 While installing the 32-bit FME Server, the installation seems successful, but FME Server will not start. In Windows Services, the FME Database Service will not be visible. Article: 32-Bit FME Server Install Not Working Properly 2021.0+ Unplanned
FMESERVER-17246 The Directory Watch trigger will pass an incorrect path when monitoring a network resource with a missing backslash "\" at the end of the UNC path. Article: Known Issue: Directory Watch truncates network resource paths 2021.0+ 2022.2 b22752
FMESERVER-17662 After upgrading to FME Server 2021.x, workspaces containing the FMEServerJobSubmitter fail to submit jobs with 'Reason - unable to connect to FME Server'. Article: FMEServerJobSubmitter unable to connect to FME Server 2021.0+ Unresolved
FMESERVER-17846 A server app (workspace or gallery) has ‘Require Authentication’ enabled and the allowed user is a user imported from Azure AD. When this user navigates to the app URL they are prompted to log in. After selecting ‘Sign in with Microsoft’ they are redirected to the FME Server home page instead of the app. First, log into FME Server and then go to the server app URL. 2021.0+ 2022.1 b22600+
FMESERVER-18350 An FME Server transformer is failing with the error "Reason - credentials for user '<username>' are invalid".  Article: FME Server Web Connection fails with Reason - credentials for user are invalid 2021.0+ 2022.1 b22622
FMESERVER-17992 If you create a Queue Name that contains a special character (such as ^) engines will not be able to assign themselves to this queue. Create a Queue Name that contains spaces and alphanumeric characters only. 
Note: Underscore characters can be used as long as it is not the first character.
2021.0+ 2023.0
FMESERVER-17998 In an Automation you configure a Schedule with a set End Time, then start the Automation. Once the End Time passes you cannot stop the Automation. The error is: 

Unable to disable '<AUTOMATIONNAME>': Schedule task (Category: <UUID> Name: <UUID>) must have an end time greater than the scheduler current time.
Duplicate the Automation (this will copy it in a disabled state where it can now be edited) and then delete the original Automation. To duplicate the Automation go to  'Manage Automations'. Check the box next to the problem Automation and then select Actions > Duplicate.  2021.2+ 2022.1 b22585
DEVOPS-1618 Installing FME Server on Linux OS and configuring HTTPS using a self-signed certificate topic monitoring will not work. The recommended workaround is to use a valid certificate issued by a recognized certificate authority. Alternatively, you can set up FME Server to bypass the SSL configuration for the WebSocket service (used by topic monitoring) under System Configuration → Network & Email → Topic Monitoring, set the Internal WebSocket URL to ws://localhost:8078/websocket. 2022.0+ Unplanned
FMESERVER-18223 From the Run Workspace > Workspace Actions > Create Webhook, under the Parameters section of the Create Webhook page if there is a source file parameter, it is not possible to upload a file. Upload the file on the Run Workspace page before creating a webhook, or upload the file to Resources, then select the file from Resources on the Create Webhook page.  2022.0 b22331 Unplanned
FMESERVER-18267 When creating an Automation, with a workspace that contains a password parameter. Once you save it, an error pops up that says "javax.crypto.IllegalBlockSizeException" If you create the automation again and reenter the password in the workspace parameter it will save. 

2022.0 b22337

2022.0 b22339
DEVOPS-2156 A workspace that requires a custom python module may fail " Python Exception <ModuleNotFoundError>: No module named ' '" error, even though the module was uploaded to the Python folders on FME Server. Go to Resources > Engine >  Plugins > Python. Create a python39 folder. Then, upload the module to that folder. 2022.0 b22337 2022.1 b22613+
FMEENGINE-73399 ArcGIS Online Workspaces running on FME Cloud will fail with the error "simplejson.errors.JSONDecodeError: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)" No known workaround.  2022.0
FMESERVER-18328 Building an Automation with an internal action (orange node) if I try and reference an event key from an upstream trigger/action the Automation cannot be saved.  Article: Unable to save an Automation when referencing output keys in downstream action 2022.0.0.1
2022.0.0.2 b22341
FMESERVER-18340 When an input File parameter is within a group box, files can't be uploaded. Move the File parameters outside of the group box. 2022.0 b22337 2022.2
FMESERVER-18341 When configuring an FME Server App, the Show In App checkbox is missing for all parameters that are within a group box. Move the File parameters outside of the group box. 2022.0 b22337 Unresolved
FMESERVER-18342 When a reader has a source dataset published parameter that’s within a group box, the job will fail with an error such as “No CSV2 dataset name was specified (couldn't find a value for `CSV2_1_DATASET' or `CSV2_DATASET')”.  This appears to occur regardless of the format. Move the File parameters outside of the group box. 2022.0 b22337 2023.0 b23259
FMESERVER-19203 When trying to set values for parameters within a parameter group box, the new values are not saved. This occurs in Automations and FME Server Apps. Set default parameter values in FME Workbench and publish to FME Server 2022.1.1 b22623  2023.0
FMESERVER-18366 When running a workspace in an Automation that writes a file to a resource folder, if the resource path contains spaces, the file will fail to write since the path gets cut off.  The job will succeed but the file will be written to the wrong location. Add one set of double quotes around the path per space.  For example, ""$(FME_SHAREDRESOURCE_DATA)/My Output Data/"".  Alternatively, write to a resource path that doesn’t have spaces. 2022.0
2022.0 b22346
N/A After publishing a workspace with an ArcGIS Online Web Connection to FME Server and then running it, the translation fails due to an authentication error from ArcGIS Online, for example 499 Token Required. Article: Known Issue: Unable to Authenticate to ArcGIS Online on FME Server 2022.0 b22337 Unresolved
FMESERVER-18414 Workspaces that use a File Published Parameter may fail when published to FME Server if the file parameter was created within the transformer and it is referencing an FME Server parameter.
The error in the log will say something like “File cannot be found”.
Article: Known Issue: FME Server Job Failure when Published Parameters reference FME Server Parameters 2022.0 + 2022.0 b22347
FMESERVER-18434 FME Server is failing to use files uploaded by the temporary upload if they have a space in the file name. Either remove the space in the file name or switch the File Parameter to use Multiple Paths in FME Desktop and reupload the workspace on FME Server. This setting is found in the Parameter Configuration under File/ URL configuration > File Configuration > Path Selection.  2022.0+ 2022.0
FMESERVER-18418 In the FME Server Web UI when SAML Configuration is enable the URLs listed under the SAML Identity Provider Settings are incorrect.  Remove /fmeserver from the URLs when copying them over to your SAML provider.   2022.0
2022.0 b22346
FMESERVER-18386 No results are returned when attempting to search for a value in the Choice (Dropdown) parameter type. Change the Choice configuration in FME Desktop from Drop Down to List and set Allow Multiple Selection: No. Note, with this configuration the display cannot be different from the value. 2022.0
2022.1 b22624
FMESERVER-18525 Schedule fails to submit jobs after changing or transferring ownership to another user. In Resources>Logs>core>current>fmescheduler.log, you will see warning and error messages:

WARN FMEServerQuartzScheduler_Worker-4 406427 : Job submission failed. Category: <category> Name: <ScheduleName> Error: <ScheduleName>

WARN FMEServerQuartzScheduler_Worker-4 406411 : Job submission failed. Please ensure Transformation Manager is available. Category: <category> Name: <scheduleName>

ERROR pool-2-thread-1 406439: An error occurred while triggering: QSInvalidRequest
Open each schedule where the ownership has been changed and resave them. 2022.0+ 2023.0 b23113
FMESERVER-16186 In an FME Server App, you cannot click OK to run the App. This is likely because the workspace app contains a parameter that is required but is not visible and has no default value. Either set a default value or make the parameter visible. 

In the fixed versions of FME Server, users will be prompted to select a value for the parameter.
2021.0+ 2022.1
FMESERVER-18367 FME Server Apps do not show Azure AD groups.  Add each user individually. 2021.2+ 2022.2
DEVOPS-2470 FME Server French System Locale failing to start on Windows Server after fresh install. Article: Known Issue: FME Server 2022.0 French System Locale failing to start on Windows Server 2022.0 2022.2
FMESERVER-18290 Files can be uploaded to FME Server restricted admin folders by any authenticated account.  Article: Arbitrary file upload with any authenticated FME Server account 2022.0+ Unresolved
FMESERVER-18293 An administrator user can write files to any location on the server drive hosting the FMEServer, which could result in unintended or malicious file uploads. Article: FME Server vulnerability with arbitrary path traversal and file upload 2022.0+ 2022.0.1
FMESERVER-18289 A user who has been granted access permissions on Repositories as well as Read and Publish permissions on any Repository is able to carry out an XML external entity (XXE) injection attack. Article: FME Server XXE vulnerability via adding a repository item 2022.0+ 2022.0.2
FMESERVER-18288 When logging into FME Server, the request does not correctly validate the referrer value, which may result in an unwanted redirection.  Article: FME Server missing validation which may result in an unwanted redirect upon login 2022.0+ 2022.0.1.1
FMESERVER-14600 | FMESERVER-18292 A security scan has reported vulnerabilities on FME Server with two stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). See article for CVEs. Article: FME Server Unauthenticated and Authenticated Stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerabilities 2022.0+ 2022.0.1.1
FMESERVER-18903 Geometry Parameter: 2022.1 is not backwards compatible with older versions Open the workspace in FME Desktop 2022.1 and publish it to FME Server. 2022.1 b22623 2022.1  b22627
FMESERVER-18922 If FME Server is hosted in a different time zone, when creating a Basic or CRON Schedule the start and end times are adjusted. For example, if my current Server time: Fri-02-Sep-2022 11:30:00 AM -0700 and I set my schedule to start at 2022-09-02 20:00. After saving the Schedule it becomes 2022-09-02 13:00.  
Note: In 2022.1+ this is only an issue for a Schedule created in an Automation, but in 2021.2.6 it occurs on the individual Schedules page as well. 
Build a Schedule using the 'Repeat on Interval' Schedule Type. 2021.2.6  and 2022.1+ 2022.2 b22736
FMESERVER-18947 Schedules: The create category button is missing when building a schedule. To create a category, manually type the value into the field.  Note this will only temporarily add the category for that particular schedule.  

Alternatively, click the down button on the right side of the dropdown menu and select an existing category.
2022.1 b22618 2022.2 b22741
FMESERVER-18901 FME Server app doesn't allow uploading or browsing for a geodatabase resource folder when the file/URL parameter is configured as Geodatabase (only a textbox is shown) In FME Workbench, leave the file/URL parameter's "Items to Select" value as the default Files. Upload the geodatabase as a .zip file. 2021.0+ 2022.2



FME Server App won't save when an optional parameter does not have a default value (unhandled exception error) FME Server may let you save the parameter once or twice before the error occurs. Try recreating the parameter or providing a default value. 2021.2.6+ 2023.0


Automation Apps file parameter does not allow the end-user to access FME Server Resources folder due to lack of permissions on the app token.
Grant the app token permissions to Access and List to Resources’ subfolders of choice. For example, the Data folder, a Network directory, etc 2022.2+ 2023.0 b23275
FMESERVER-19220 With the FMEServerNotifier, if you include \n in the JSON, the JSON will be Null on FME Server.

This has been fixed by FMEENGINE-74950. Please upgrade to FME Server 2022.2 and create the workspace in 2022.2.
Replace \n with <br> in a workspace before triggering the topic or use an HTTPCaller to push data to the topic. See /notifications/topics/< topic >/message in the API documentation. 2021.1.3+
FMESERVER-19159 In a Fault-Tolerant installation when the Core with the 'Active Job Router' fails, the remaining engines do not connect with the second Core Job Router. They will appear available in the Web UI but will not detect jobs in the queue for processing. This issue resolves itself after two hours. 

In fmeEngineConfig.txt set the RECEIVE_TIMEOUT directive to 90000. Save the file and restart FME Server to apply the change.

Setting this directive forces the Engine to terminate itself after it does not receive a translation request for the specified time, effectively breaking out of the hung state.

2021.2.5 Unresolved
FMESERVER-19652 Web Connections created from Web Services do not work on FME Server. When trying to add the URI to the web service after publishing to FME Server, an error is displayed on the UI. See Known Issue: Web Services on FME Server are Invalid 2021.2.6 2022.2 b22785
FMESERVER-19419 Token webservice doesn't obtain a new token after expiry on FME Server This only impacts token webservices that need to pass the Authorization in the HTTP Header. Use an HTTP Caller in a workspace to obtain the token through a REST API call 2020+ 2023.0+
FMESERVER-19612 Automation Keys no longer work when placed inside square or curly brackets. See community post for more detail.  Remove brackets, do not place Automation Keys in brackets.  2022.0+ 2022.2.3
FMESERVER-19601 Web connections are not present after the restore process during the upgrade. See FME Server Upgrade Can Fail to Restore Web Connections if Web Service Are Broken  2022.0+ 2022.2 b22787
FMESERVER-17957 Imported projects and project contents need to be shared by an admin if the project was imported by a non-admin user.  See Known Issue: Importing a fsproject File Requires an Admin to Grant Permissions to the Project All FME Server Versions with projects Unresolved
FMESERVER-19869 Internal Server Error when looking at a job log that was run from an Automations, Automation Apps or a Streams that has been deleted. 
These endpoints are having issues:
  • GET /fmeapiv4/jobs/<id>
  • GET /fmeapiv4/jobs<id>/log
You can access the job log via the FME Server System Share (File System) or download via the Web UI Files & Connections > Resources > Logs > engine > current|old > jobs 2022.2.3 b22789 2023.0+

When a workspace webhook is created with geometry parameter and then run, the translation fails due to a JSON syntax error.

On the create webhook page, re-select the geometry parameter to update the webhook URL prior to saving.  2022.0+ (WIN) 2024.0
FMESERVER-19914 When trying to delete a user on a filtered list or very large list (where the list is spread out to multiple pages), the pop-up for selecting a user for transferring ownership of items is either empty or the complete list of users is not displaying.   Use FME Server REST API call to remove the account from the FME Server instance. 2022.2 b22765, 2022.2.3
b22789, 2023.0 b23210
FMEFLOW-19048 When running a workspace on FME Server with a geometry parameter or using the workspace in an FME Server app, the extent of the area shown is larger than the bounds defined in FME Workbench when the geometry parameter is viewed ‘inline’ Use the pop-up map window instead of the inline map. 2022.1.2 b22337 Unresolved

When creating a schedule, if a file parameter exists that has (1) “Items to Select” set to Geodatabase and (2) “Path Selection” set to Multiple Paths, the schedule will fail to be created and an error will be returned saying something like: “Unexpected value “[“\\\\mynetdir\\folder\\hello_world.gdb”]” for parameter “value,” expected scalar.” Automations and Server Apps are not affected.

Set the geodatabase source dataset parameter from Multiple Paths to Single Path in the Path Selection. Once this change is made in FME Form (Desktop), publish the workspace and test creating a schedule.
2022.0 and 2022.1 2023.0+

When running a workspace with an updated text file parameter that was uploaded as a temporary file, the job will not use the updated file. The old file is used and a is logged in the Catalina log. 

Use a different type of file (for example, csv) or rename the text file prior to uploading it 2022.0+ 2022.2+

When running a workspace with a geometry parameter within a parameter group, the job fails with a JSON syntax error: Unexpected character: 't'. One of the following characters was expected: '"', '}'

Move the geometry parameter outside of the parameter group. 2022.0+ 2023.0+

After creating a database connection (e.g. SQLite database connection using a database file in Resources) that users an uploaded file on FME Flow (Server), trying to run a workspace that uses this database connection results in the following error:

`SQLite Reader: Failed to open database '$(FME_SHAREDRESOURCE_TEMP)\databasejoiner.sqlite'. SQLite3 Engine error: `unable to open database file`

There are two workarounds available:

1. Upload the file (e.g. SQLite file) to Resources Data. 


2. Using the same database file on FME Form (Desktop), publish to FME Flow using the Embed Connection Parameter option

2022.2.5 Unplanned
FMEFLOW-19526 What a choice parameter allows multiple selections, the values are not read as expected on FME Server. For example, [choice1, choice2] instead of choice1,choice2.  Move the parameter out of any parameter groups. 2022.1 2023.0+
FMEFLOW-18574 Schedules repository selection and search is limited to first 100 repositories when creating or editing a schedule Create schedules through REST API calls 2022.0+ 2023.0+
When the FME Flow web UI is accessed via FQDN, SAML login attempt [ after typing in the IDP credentials and submitting] takes us back/loops to the IDP login prompt webpage. SAML works well after replacing the flow host FQDN with IP address. Reference the flow/server host with IP address instead of the FQDN [i.e. FME_SERVER _WEB_URL field in fmeServerConfig.txt and 
fmeServerWeb ApplicationConfig.txt]
Setup the SAML configuration with the IP address instead of the FQDN. 
2023.2 b.23758,
FMEFLOW-19917 Deleting the “fmeauthor” role causes FME Server login page to load with no username or password prompt. Loading the login page returns the response “Specified SAML configuration does not exist” . When deleting the default fmeauthor role i.e. deleting the corresponding entry from fme_role table, it causes the child record in fme_samlconfig to be deleted as well, effectively removing the only entry in the table. “fmeauthor” role is the default role assigned to the pre-existing SAML record. If upgrade is not possible, manually insert a new record in the “fme_samlconfig table” with values from another healthy FME  server’s database [would be the same values]. Also, replace the deleted role “fmeauthor”. 2022.2.1 2023.0


FME Cloud

Known Issue ID Description Workaround Discovered Resolved
FMECLOUD-1977 FME Server 2022 becomes unresponsive when restoring backups from a different machine of the previous version if the new FME Server was launched with an FME Cloud Starter instance. Resize the Starter instance to a Standard instance, complete the restoration and then resize back to the Starter instance. See article: Launching FME Server 2022 on a Starter Instance 2022.0+ Unplanned


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