Working with GIS Data and FME

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GIS data can be categorized into 3 types; spatial data, non-spatial data, and metadata. For a high-level overview of how FME can help you with GIS and location intelligence, see our website


GIS Terminology

For a comprehensive list of GIS terminology, see the Esri GIS Dictionary.

  • Attribute: Details or properties about a feature
  • Background map: A map in behind the layers, used for providing a visually pleasing background or for providing location context to the data.
  • Coordinate System: A mathematical system that describes the position of points in space.
  • Feature: A feature in FME is an individual item within the translation. Typically a GIS or cartographic feature consists of a geometric representation plus a set of related attributes.
  • Field: In a table, it is the column that stores values for a single attribute.
  • Geocoding: Converting street addresses into spatial point data to display on a map.
  • Layer: A set of similar data, for example, roads or businesses. An example of a Feature Type in FME.
  • Line: Connecting two points on a map, has length but not area, for example, a road on a map.
  • Point: A single dot containing one set of coordinates, for example, the location of a city on a map.
  • Polygon: Three or more points on a map, has both length and area, for example, a park boundary on a map.
  • Raster: Data that is displayed as a regularly spaced grid of pixels, such as satellite imagery and aerial photographs, as well as numeric data like digital elevation models and scientific data including temperatures and pressures.
  • Vector: Geometry composed of one or more vertices, such as points, lines, arcs, ellipses, polygons, text, and more.



For transforming CAD data into GIS, see Working with CAD Data in FME. For transforming Raster data into GIS, see Working with Raster and Imagery Data in FME.

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FME Academy 

Work through a module on the FME Academy. You will need a free account to access training content. 
Integrate Spatial Data: Unlock the power of your spatial data with FME. Learn the basics of spatial data and conduct basic spatial analysis.

Format Documentation

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Known Issues

For a list of Known Issues, see the following articles: 2021.x2020.x2019.x2018.x2017.x


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