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FME can use an ArcGIS Pro license to run Esri workflows, such as reading and writing to Esri-based formats

This article overviews the requirements to enable FME to pick up an ArcGIS Pro license.

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The following sections overview the basic installation and configuration steps for using ArcGIS Pro with FME. Please review the Requirements before starting. For common questions and issues, refer to the FAQ.

1. ArcGIS Pro Installation
Log into the machine with an administrator account. ArcGIS Pro must be installed by an administrator account in order for FME to access the application. 

Windows Local Admin Account
Example local administrator account on Windows OS.

Launch the ArcGIS Pro Setup installer. 

Choose to install the application for “Anyone who uses this computer (all users)”. This specifies a per-machine installation, rather than a per-user installation

ArcGIS Pro Setup Installation Context Options
Installing ArcGIS Pro for all users allows FME to access the application.

NOTE: See the FAQ to determine the installation type for an existing ArcGIS Pro installation

Complete the ArcGIS Pro Setup to finish installing the application.

2. ArcGIS Pro Licensing
Log on to the machine with the ArcGIS Pro installation using the same account that will run FME. The user account that will run FME with ArcGIS Pro must also be licensed to use ArcGIS Pro.

Open the ArcGIS Pro to license the application. Configure your organization’s available license type. 

Esri License Manager
Licensing ArcGIS Pro with a ‘Single Use’ type license.

NOTE: When using a ‘Single Use’ or ‘Named’ license type, FME can only access ArcGIS Pro if the account running FME is also licensed to use ArcGIS Pro. For example, if User A installs and licenses ArcGIS Pro, User B can’t use FME with ArcGIS Pro until they have also gone through the process of installing and licensing ArcGIS Pro. This does not apply to the ‘Concurrent’ license type, which pulls a license for each user account at runtime.

3. Running FME with ArcGIS
On the machine where ArcGIS Pro is installed and licensed, open FME Workbench. 

To confirm access to an ArcGIS license, verify that Esri-dependent formats are available.

Esri Formats in FME
Esri formats are available in FME Workbench when an Esri license is available.

Run a simple FME workflow using an Esri-dependent format.

If the formats are unavailable or the translation fails with licensing-related errors, please refer to the FAQ checklist.


I’ve installed ArcGIS Pro and FME, why are my Esri-dependent workflows failing?
Review this checklist:
  1. ArcGIS Pro and FME are installed on the same machine
  2. ArcGIS Pro was installed for per-machine (‘All Users’)
  3. The account running FME is licensed to use ArcGIS Pro
  4. My FME and ArcGIS product versions are compatible
  5. My Esri license is valid and available
  6. I don't have an older version of ArcGIS Background Geoprocessing installed on the same machine

Consult the relevant troubleshooting resource: 

For all other errors, review the FME and Esri ArcGIS Troubleshooting Guide.

I already have ArcGIS Pro installed. How do I find out if it was installed per-machine (‘All users’) or per-user (‘Only for me’)?
The ArcGIS Pro Setup program installs the application to different default directories, depending on the installation context.

If the application was installed per-machine (‘All users’):

<System Drive>\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro

If the application was installed per-user (‘Only for me’):
<System Drive>\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Programs\ArcGIS\Pro

The system registry keys can also be reviewed to confirm the type of installation.

If the application was installed per-machine (‘All users’):


If the application was installed per-user (‘Only for me’):


Review Esri documentation 'Install ArcGIS Pro' for more differences between installation types.

ArcGIS Pro is already licensed. Can FME use the existing license?

If using a ‘Single User’ or ‘Named User’ license type, that account must be licensed to use ArcGIS Pro before running FME. ‘Concurrent’ license types are typically available to accounts with no special configuration. 

Does FME require a specific ArcGIS license type? I.e. Single User, Named User, or Concurrent.

All ArcGIS Pro license types are compatible with FME. We recommend confirming the terms of use for your ArcGIS Pro license with your Esri representative.


Does FME require a specific ArcGIS license level? i.e. Basic, Professional, or Advanced.

Users may need to specify which license to use at runtime, based on availability or the required task. Please see 'Setting different license levels for ArcGIS and FME with ESRI_SOFTWARE_CLASS ' for instructions. 

Do I need ArcGIS Pro to use Esri formats in FME?

To read and write from Esri-based formats (like ArcSDE and File Geodatabase) FME requires an Esri license. The type of Esri license depends on the specific format and workflow. Some formats may require a 32-bit environment or 3rd party dependencies. 

The File Geodatabase Open API is an exception: it does not require a Esri license.

See our list of Esri-based formats and their requirements for more information.

Can I use other Esri products to license FME?

Yes. FME can leverage a license from ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Enterprise (Server), ArcMap, and ArcGIS Desktop. However, the FME product version must be compatible with the Esri product version. Please review 'Notes on FME and Esri Versions and Compatibility' for specific requirements. For all other Esri product integrations, please search our website or reach out to Safe Software Support.


Can I use an ArcGIS Enterprise (Server) license with FME?

Yes, FME can use ArcGIS Enterprise's ArcGIS Server license. This combination has fewer configuration requirements: FME must be installed on the same machine as the licensed ArcGIS Server in order to pick up the license. Be aware that multiple Esri products installed to the same machine as FME may cause a licensing conflict.

Can I use FME Flow with ArcGIS Pro?

Although it is technically possible for FME Flow to use an ArcGIS Pro license, please be aware the use of this license in a server context violates Esri's licensing terms. ArcGIS Enterprise (ArcGIS Server) is the preferred license for use with FME Flow. Please see 'Using FME Flow with Esri ArcGIS Software' for more information. 

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