ArcGIS Licensing Error: Unable to Perform Licensing Related Tasks

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Attempting to use an ArcGIS Geodatabase format results in the following error messages:

"Unable to perform any licensing related tasks. Please check your Esri ArcGIS Compatibility workspace parameter, found in Navigator -> Workspace Parameters -> Translation. This 64-bit version of FME requires ArcGIS Desktop along with 64-bit Background Geoprocessing; ArcGIS Pro; or ArcGIS Enterprise. Refer to this this article for more details " (FME 2022.1) 



"Unable to perform any licensing-related tasks. Please ensure that ArcGIS Desktop/Engine Runtime is correctly installed"


INFORM|The Esri Product license used by this machine does not include licenses for the 'ArcInfo' licensing level

ERROR |Unable to perform licensing-related tasks. Please ensure that ArcGIS is correctly installed


The Product License has not been initialized.


This error occurs for various reasons related to your ArcGIS Licensing Configuration, for example:

  • The ArcGIS license is expired
  • The ArcGIS license server is not available
  • The licensing level is insufficient
  • The ArcGIS installation is not licensed correctly
  • Environment Variables incorrectly set.


  1. Ensure the ArcGIS license is still current and active.
  2. Check that the licensing server is available: Unable to connect to ArcGIS License Manager 
  3. Have you upgraded the software recently? Do you have more than one Esri Product on the same system:
    • Review Environment Variables in case some were set with previous software.  ESRI_SOFTWARE_CLASS
    • If using ArcGIS Background Processing 64-bit, FME could be finding this instead of ArcGIS Pro.
  4. Check the licensing level is adequate:
    • Required ArcGIS license types for FME Geodatabase formats
    • Setting different license levels for ArcGIS and FME with ESRI_SOFTWARE_CLASS environment variable
  5. Review that the installation is licensed correctly, as follows:
    • Ensure that your ArcGIS installation is on the same machine as the FME installation.
    • Use the ArcGIS Administrator application to check the availability of ArcGIS licenses. 
    • The Esri ArcGIS should be installed with the ‘All Users’ option to make sure FME has access to the license. See below. 

ArcGISPro Licensing

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