Tutorial: Getting Started with OpenAI in FME

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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OpenAI is the artificial intelligence company responsible for services such as ChatGPT and DALL-E. In FME, you can connect to OpenAI services using the following transformers:

  • OpenAICompletionsConnector – Input a text prompt (e.g. a question), and the AI model will return a predicted completion (e.g. an answer) in JSON format.
  • OpenAIImageGenerator – Input a text prompt, and the AI model will return a raster image as a URL.


Why Use FME to Connect to OpenAI?

You might use FME to connect to OpenAI because you need to:

  • Bulk process many prompts
  • Create a web application that allows end users to enter prompts
  • Run data through the AI to analyze it, parse it, identify trends, or generate insights
  • Enrich data by querying the AI, e.g. customer data
  • Use AI-generated text or images to transform data output
  • Generate and send reports or summaries
  • Automate predictive modeling
  • Automate survey result classification
  • Generate text-based datasets or images
  • Generate scripts or SQL for use in a data integration workflow
  • Automatically generate images based on a dynamic input

As AI technology continues to improve, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Here is an example FME Server App created by Tensing that uses FME's PDF reading and OpenAI capabilities to summarize a PDF document.


To use these transformers, sign up for the OpenAI API, then generate an API key.
In FME, these transformers are available via FME Hub in FME Workbench 2022.2.1.0 and later.


Tutorial: Using the OpenAICompletionsConnector

Learn how to use the OpenAICompletionsConnector transformer. We will create an FME Workspace that updates existing customer data with AI-generated insight.

Tutorial: Using the OpenAIImageGenerator

Learn how to use the OpenAIImageGenerator transformer. We will create an FME Workspace that generates images based on text data in an input file.

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