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Due to the updates on Safe Software's website and the upcoming release of the FME Flow (formerly FME Server) REST API V4, we are starting the deprecation process for the FME Server JavaScript API.

Safe Software will no longer provide support for integrations utilizing the JavaScript API and plans to eventually remove the publicly hosted .js libraries.


Technical support for the JavaScript API has been discontinued with immediate effect.

The exact removal date for the hosted .js libraries is still to be determined, but we are aiming for an FME Flow 2025+ release. This article will be updated once an exact date is determined. 

Access the Library 

You can obtain the JavaScript API library (fmeserver.js) for reference by downloading it from this link:

Users have the option to self-host this file to ensure their workflows can still reference it. Nevertheless, we strongly advise that all workflows transition to using a supported alternative over time.

It's important to note that the .js library will no longer receive updates or support from Safe Software.

Workflow Migration

We recommend that any existing workflows that use the JavaScript API be migrated to a supported alternative, such as the FME Flow REST API or FME Flow Apps.


The FME Flow REST API is the recommended alternative to the Javascript API. Workflows may be updated to use the REST API V3 or REST API V4 (upon released). 

The REST API provides even greater flexibility compared to the JavaScript API. Thus, workflows that require custom functionality or are integrated into other applications are good candidates for this option.

See Getting Started with the FME Flow REST API and Automating Workflow Submission from a Third Party Application To FME Flow for more resources and tutorials.

FME Flow Apps

FME Flow Apps are the recommended no-code alternative to the Javascript API.

Flow apps offer extensive customization and options for data upload and delivery, but less interactivity than coded web applications. Standalone, self-serve workflows that do not require custom functionality are good candidates for this option.

See Getting Started with FME Flow Apps for more resources and tutorials.


If you have any questions or concerns about the JavaScript API deprecation, please contact Safe Software Support

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