Getting Started with the FME Server REST API

Sienna Emery
Sienna Emery
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This tutorial series walks you through what the FME Server REST API is, how to access it, and how to use it in FME Workbench. A REST API allows a user to interact with the server by creating requests and receiving responses. This allows users to interact with FME Server programmatically and without using the FME Server user interface.


It is recommended that you work through the following articles in order. 

Tips for Working With the FME Server REST API in FME Workbench

In this article, you will find our REST API documentation and some useful transformers that you may consider including in your workspace when working with the FME Server REST API.

Authorization in the FME Server REST API | Token Management

This article shows you how to authenticate FME Server REST API calls by creating a token that can be used to authenticate a request.

Submitting a Job through the FME Server REST API

This article explains how to submit a job via the FME Server REST API from a third-party application.

Using the FME Server REST API to Create Job History Reports

This article describes how to use the FME Server REST API in a workspace to create job history reports.

Monitoring FME Server Job Activity using the REST API

This article will demonstrate how to use the REST API to retrieve these statistics and build a visual report that can be displayed in FME Server Dashboards to help monitor FME Server activity, performance, or usage over time.

Additional Resources

FME Server Troubleshooting: REST API: Learn how to troubleshoot common problems with the FME Server REST API

FME Server Playground: free code snippets and example applications built using the FME Server REST API

Tutorial: Getting Started with APIs: Learn about what an API is and how to use one in FME

Automating Workflow Submission from a Third Party Application To FME Server: Compares REST API and webhooks for workflow submission (jobs and automations) to FME Server. 

Send Source Data to FME Server with HTTP POST: Learn how to send data in a POST request to FME Server

FME Server 2019 REST API Training: The FME Server REST API training course shows how to connect to the FME Server REST API, use it in a workspace, and even build your own application using the REST API using custom code.



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