Tutorial: Update Databases Using an FME Server App

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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  • FME 2019.x


FME makes it easy to update your database, either through a single feature edit or bulk edits. Once published to FME Server, FME Server Apps allow you to share FME workflows with anyone, no FME Server account required. This enables users to easily make changes to the database, even when in the field. This tutorial covers three different databases: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostGIS, and could be modified for other databases. For each database, two scenarios are demonstrated:

  1. Bulk edits: This bulk insert is useful when you anticipate a large number of edits being made so that FME Server does not get tied up with multiple calls. Instead, data is pushed to FME Server in groups.

  2. Single feature edits: Respond to single feature database edits and push features individually. This is good when you have a low volume of individual edits.



  • Externally Accessible FME Server 2019 or later

  • FME Desktop 2019 or later

  • Access to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or PostGIS.



Bulk Edits:

Bulk Edits Oracle

Bulk Edits SQL

Bulk Edits PostGIS/PostgreSQL


Single Edits:

Single Edits Oracle   

Single Edits SQL

Single Edits PostGIS/PostgreSQL


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Data Attribution

The data shown here originates from open data made available by the City of Vancouver, British Columbia. It contains information licensed under the Open Government License - Vancouver.

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