Getting Started with Infor Public Sector

Christian Berger
Christian Berger
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What is Infor Public Sector (IPS)

Infor Public Sector is a suite of applications made for all levels of government. The IPS suite of applications includes solutions for budgeting, finance, procurement, asset management, etc. to help meet the needs of public entities. This system is typically utilized to improve service with features that maximize responsiveness to demand for citizen services like 311, emergency management, or education and transportation needs. 

Infor and FME

Integrate the FME Platform with the IPS platform to help manage and maintain your workflows and data across applications. Combine the Power of FME to connect, transform, and automate data processes with Infor’s Asset management system to build integrated workflows tailored to your organization's needs. 

The Getting Started with Info Public Sector tutorial is your landing page for all things Infor. Here you can find resources and examples to help you get started with building your workflows in FME Desktop. 

Using Infor Public Sector Rest API

Send and receive calls to Infor Public Sector from within FME Workbench. Start by establishing a web connection then build workflows that use the Infor Rest API to exchange information between platforms. 

  • Infor OAuth 2.0 Web Service and Web Connection
  • Get data from an existing Work Order, Service Request, etc. with the InforRecordFetcher
  • Create a new Work Order, Service Request, and more using the InforRecordCreator
  • Update a Work Order, Service Request, and more using the InforRecordUpdater



Connecting to Infor in FME ​​​​​​​
Fetching Infor Public Sector Records ​​​​​​​
Updating Infor Public Sector Records ​​​​​​​
Creating Infor Public Sector Records

Adding Additional API Calls

In the event the InforRecord[Fetcher|Creator|Updater] does not include a resource you need to access; you can easily add your own Infor ION API request. Follow the steps below to add additional functionality to your workspace. Also, feel free to add any additional feature requests by adding a comment on the FME Hub.

1. Right-click on the Hub Transformer and select Embed to embed the transformer into your workspace 

2. Right-click on the embedded transformer and edit to enter the custom transformer tab


3. In the custom transformer, expand the User Parameters > Authentication section, right-click on the [resource] parameter and select Manage User Parameters.

4. Expand the Choice Configuration section and add a new line to the Choices
Refer to the Infor Public Sector API documentation for the operation (i.e. /crm/servicerequests

5. Click OK to accept the changes and return to the Main tab to edit parameter values, run the workspace etc. 

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