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Christian Berger
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Integrate the Infor Public Sector (IPS) platform directly into your FME workflows to achieve seamless communication between applications. By establishing a connection to Infor’s REST API, you can facilitate the flow of information and design responsive workflows. Some examples include sending and receiving service requests, work orders, and inspection reports using custom Infor tools available from the FME Hub. All you need to get started is a web connection.

Web Connections allow you to conveniently store and reuse connection parameters. This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to connect to Infor Public Sector using a Web Connection. With that connection, continue on to create a basic work order from an Excel file using the InforRecordCreator custom transformer.

Establish a Web Connection

In order to successfully connect to Infor from FME Workbench  (FME Desktop Application), a Web Connection to your Infor instance must be established. A Web Connection saves your credentials and provides access to the Infor API via OAuth2.0 authentication. Once this connection is stored, it can be used in all processes that require authentication (HTTP Calls).

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Add a new Authorized App in the Infor ION API

Access your Infor ION API dashboard and navigate to the Authorized Apps tab. On the Authorized Apps tab, add a new authorized app with the Web Application Type.


In the newly created Authorized Web App, set the Redirect URL and the Authorized JavaScript Origins to: 


Lastly, set the Refresh Token Grant Lifetime to 0 (never expire)



Save the application settings and keep this page open OR download the Credentials File.

2. Download the Infor Web Connection from the FME Hub
The Infor Web Connection is not shipped with FME, but there are two ways to bring it into your FME Desktop application.

  • Option 1: Access the FME Hub from your browser. Download the Infor Web Connection by selecting the “Download” option on the right and save the file to your computer.
  • Option 2: Alternatively, access the Infor web connection from within FME Workbench. From FME Options, select the Web Connections tab on the left menu. Select “Manage Services…” under the Web Connections tab to find a list of available web services to connect to (if you use this method, keep the manage services window open).

3. Configure the Infor Web Service in FME Workbench
In the FME Options menu, select the Web Connections tab on the left menu. Select “Manage Services…” under the Web Connections tab. Select the Infor Web Service and set the following parameters: 

If you downloaded the Ion API credentials file, the values can be mapped as follows: 

  • Client Id: “ci”

  • Client Secret: “cs”

  • Redirect URI: “ru”

Eg. http://localhost
  • Authorization URL: “pu” + ”oa” + ”?response_type=code”
  • Retrieve Token URL: “pu”+”ot”
  • Refresh Token URL: “pu”+”ot”
  • Refresh Token Request Format: 


Otherwise copy and paste the values from the Infor ION API page into the appropriate parameters in the Infor Web Service in FME Workbench. 

Once you have filled in the web service parameters, press the Test button to confirm that you are able to log in using the service. Once you sign in, click the Allow Request for Approval button and confirm the window closes with a Test Succeeded message.


Note: if the window does not close, or if you are met with a blank white window, please confirm that you have your web service parameters filled out correctly and that your Infor Authorized app uses http:localhost as the redirect URI AND the Authorized Javascript Origins.

Next, click OK to accept the changes in the Mange Web Services window and return to FME Options > Web Connections.

4. Add a Web Connection
On the FME Options > Web Connections tab, click the + or right-click to add a new web connection. Set the Web Service parameter to the Infor Service, set the connection name (as desired) and follow the OAuth authentication prompt to login and save your web connection.

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