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In FME 2019, we added a new mechanism to distribute components. Review this FAQ to answer any questions you may have. All packages can be found on FME Hub



What are FME Packages?

The FME Package is a new mechanism to distribute FME Engine components: transformers, readers/writers and web connections. FME Packages are fully portable, containing all required dependencies that they need in order to run. Python backed transformers and readers/writers, as well as Workbench created items, are supported.

This means production-quality items can be created and shared as a single zip (fpkg) file.

Under the covers, an FME Package is a ZIP archive. Its filename follows this pattern


The filename is composed of the FME Hub publisher uid, followed by the FME Package uid and the FME Package version. This is the unpacked structure of an FME Package:




A full specification will be released when we make the FME Packages specification public.

How do I create an FME Package?

Currently, the FME Package specification is internal and only Safe Software can create and share them. This is because the FME APIs and GUI creation tools are currently not suitable for public consumption.

Where will I see FME Packages?

Primarily on the FME Hub. In FME 2019, Safe will begin placing transformers and formats that would have previously been shipped in FME Workbench on FME Hub.

The Azure Storage FME Package on the FME Hub is an example FME Package. This FME Package contains the AzureBlobStorageConnector and the AzureFileStorageConnector transformers. If there is a new version of the transformer then we will update the FME Package on FME Hub. FME Workbench users can then pull down the latest version of the transformer without reinstalling FME Workbench.

When will my items appear in FME Workbench and which versions will they appear in?

FME Package support has been added to FME Workbench 2019+. You can also find FME Packages by visiting the FME Hub and filtering by FME Packages.


Transformer Packages on FME Hub will show up in the Quick Add. If a transformer is located in the official Safe publisher, then the item will show up under FME Transformers with a Package icon (1552578734610.png). Once installed, official transformers will appear as normal blue transformers in FME Workbench.


Under FME Options > Packages, you can see which Packages you have installed and you can Remove/Update Packages.



If a Package contains a reader/writer and is located in the official Safe publisher, it will appear in the Reader gallery the same way custom formats do. As of FME Desktop, 2020.0 Readers and Writers will also appear in the Quick Add.




Web Connections

If an FME Package contains a web connection, it will be installed and show up alongside the other web connections that you have installed in the Manage Web Services dialog. Note, web connections and web services will not be uninstalled when the FME Package is deleted.




Web as a File System

If a Web as a file system is contained in a Package and on the FME Hub, it will show up alongside other Web File Systems.


How do I update/upgrade a package?

FME Workbench

To update or upgrade a package in FME Workbench:
  1. In FME Workbench, navigate to FME Options then FME Packages. 
  2. In the FME Packages section, click on Check for Updates. 
  3. Any updates available for your installed packages will be listed. Click on the desired package to see the details.
  4. Click Update then click OK to close FME Options. 
  5. After the package has been updated. Close and reopen FME Workbench to clear the cache. 
  6. The package has now been upgraded. In the Navigator pane, any existing transformers using the upgraded package can now be updated like any other transformer with a new version. Any newly added transformers will use the new version. 


How do I upload a package to FME Flow?

To run a workspace on FME Flow that contains a package you will need to upload this package during the publishing workspace stages. If a workspace contains a package there will be an additional window in the Publish to FME Flow Wizard that lists these packages, by default all packages will be selected for upload.



How do I update a package for FME Flow?

Upload the new package version when you publish your workspace and the package will be updated in FME Flow for all engines to use.

Note: FME Packages might have multiple components – for example: transformers, connections, and supporting Python code – and these may be versioned differently inside the package. We strive to maintain backwards compatibility, so please contact our Support Team if you notice any issues after uploading a newer version of a package to FME Flow.


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