Troubleshooting the Databricks Reader & Writer

Dan Minney
Dan Minney
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  • FME 2023.0


The following is not an exhaustive list of all the troubleshooting tasks you may run into with the Databricks reader & writer. If there are any additional issues you are running into, feel free to comment at the bottom of this article. 

Note that the reader and writer connections are different. Please see How to Use the Databricks Reader and How to Use the Databricks Writer

Common Issues

Issue: The Databricks Workspace Cluster is not running and FME Form times out while performing an operation.
Cause: Whenever you run an operation that requires the Databricks Workspace Cluster to be running, FME will trigger the Cluster to start up.

Issue: The Databricks writer returns the following message in the translation log: A table name or table qualifier was not specified for feature type ‘<feature-type-here>’ 
Cause: The correct schema has not been set on the Databricks writer feature type. For the Databricks writer, the schema is set to “default” automatically. If you are using a different schema name, you will need to set this.

Issue: The Databricks Reader returns the following message - [Databricks][DatabricksJDBCDriver](500593) Communication link failure. Failed to connect to server. Reason: HTTP Response code: 403, Error message: Unknown.'
Cause: The user created Databricks access token may have expired and a new access token will need to be created and used in your Databricks Database Connection. 

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