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Safe Software releases beta versions of FME at least one minor version ahead of the current official release. At times, the next minor version, as well as the next major version may be available as a beta, depending on how close the major version is to release. Beta releases may not be available for all products or platforms at certain times to ensure stability for advertised features. 

Released betas as stable enough to test out specific features, but we do not recommend using a beta for production work. We highly recommend installing FME beta versions alongside official releases. Please see Installing Multiple Versions of FME Desktop, for more information. 


Please note that FME beta versions are not considered production safe and are still undergoing development. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team


Where can I get an FME beta?

Betas can be downloaded at any time from our website:

A technical expert or partner recommended that I try the latest beta version of FME. I don’t like to use beta versions of software – how stable is an FME beta?

An FME beta is stable enough for testing the specific feature that you have been advised about. Please test out the feature and give us feedback if it does not work for your use case, or if you experience any issues. If the feature worked well, please wait until an Official Release before putting this feature into production. 

How does a version of FME become a published beta?

  • Our nightly build process undergoes comprehensive automated regression testing to ensure correct function and acceptable performance. Coverage may initially be more extensive for existing functionality than new features.
  • We only upload beta builds that have passed the full suite of automated testing.
  • As we get closer to an official release date, you can expect an increasing number of features to have completed QA and acceptance testing, and be closer to production readiness. By contrast, some new features in early cycle builds may be fairly raw.
  • Functionality in a beta product may be removed, replaced, or otherwise changed in later beta versions, at Safe's discretion. We cannot guarantee backward compatibility in FME betas.
  • Official releases are only made available when all features have completed their QA cycle. In addition, our major releases undergo extensive QC internally (and externally through our beta program).

What is a Tech Preview?

A Tech Preview is a new feature, reader/writer that has been added to FME but we are still actively working on or waiting for use-case feedback, but we would like to release it. A Tech Preview component may be available only in a beta, or it may also be available in an official release. Depending on feedback or testing, a Tech Preview item may not work 100% or can be removed from a build of FME at any time. We recommend not using Tech Preview components in production. When (Tech Preview) has been removed from a component, the component is now ready to be used in production workflows. 

How can I install a beta and an official release? 

Multiple versions of FME Desktop can be installed on the same machine, please see Installing Multiple Versions of FME Desktop. If you are looking to test out a beta version of FME Server, but already have FME Server installed on your machine, try a free trial of FME Cloud

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