FME Flow Run Workspace: There was an error submitting the job

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When you submit a job through the FME Flow Run Workspace page, it fails with the following message:

There was an error submitting the job

However, the same job may be successfully submitted via Schedule or Automation. This article covers common troubleshooting steps for this scenario.


Initial Troubleshooting

1. Is the submission error returned no matter the workspace you submit?
Try a workspace from the Samples repository or another service (e.g. Job Submitter, Data Download, etc.). 

2. Are there any messages labelled ERROR, WARN, or SEVERE in the system logs?
Check the following logs:

  • <FME Flow System Share>\Resources\Logs\tomcat\catalina.log 
  • <FME Flow System Share>\Resources\Logs\core\fmeserver.log
  • <FME Flow System Share>\Resources\Logs\core\fmeprocessmonitorcore.log
  • <FME Flow System Share>\Resources\Logs\service\jobsubmitterservice.log

3. Are there any errors in the browser Developer Tools
See Debugging Toolbox: Developer Tools for instructions. 


Common Issues


It is common that Job Submission issues follow HTTPS/SSL configuration

Are the Service URLs correct?

If you perform any post-install configuration changes, such as:

You must also update the Service URLs. The service URL formatting should match the URL you are using to access the FME Flow web interface. 

Steps to Update Service URLs

  1. Log in to the FME Flow from a browser. 
  2. Navigate to Services (Admin > System Configuration > Network & Email > Services).
  3. Click on Change All Hosts. 
  4. In the URL Pattern field, make sure the correct port, protocol, and hostname are being used. NOTE: If unsure, verify that the Service URLs match the FME_SERVER_WEB_URL parameter in the fmeFlowConfig.txt config file (default location is C:\Program Files\FMEFlow\Server).
  5. Click OK when done, and try submitting a job.


Has the certificate been imported into the trusted cacerts?

You may receive job submission errors when an SSL certificate is self-signed or has not been imported into the FME Flow cacerts truststore.
In Developer Tools or localhost_access_log.log (tomcat):

'500 (Internal Server Error)' 

In the fmeprocessmonitorcore.log (core): PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target 

To resolve this issue, export your certificate from the web browser as Base-64 encoded X.509 (CER) and import this file into <FMEFlow>\Utilities\jre\lib\security\cacerts. See PKIX Path Issues when Configuring HTTPS/SSL for FME Flow

Has the certificate expired?

You may receive job submission errors when an FME Flow SSL certificate has expired. 
In Developer Tools or catalina.log (tomcat): NotAfter: Tue May 12 14:15:56 EDT 2020

To resolve this error issue a new certificate and install this to FME Flow, then restart all of the services. See Configuring FME Flow for HTTPS: Updating an expired Certificate.

Has FME Flow been deployed with an internal or private Azure Load Balancer?

If FME Flow is deployed in Azure with an internal or private Azure Load Balancer, you may find you are unable to submit jobs consistently. 

In Developer Tools or localhost.log (tomcat), you may see a '500 Internal Server Error' reported with a message similar to: Connection timed out: connect

There is an Azure limitation accessing the Load Balancer from the same VM and Network interface. You can resolve this issue via one of the following methods:

  • Configure separate backend pool VMs per application.
  • Configure the application in dual NIC VMs so each application uses its own network interface and IP address.

[More Information]


Does the workspace contain a Published Parameter called "token"?

Open the workspace in FME Form and review its Published Parameters. If there is a parameter named "token", this is an FME Flow reserved word. Try renaming the parameter, republish it to FME Flow, and attempt to submit it again.
[More Information]


Are you using IE and accessing FME Flow through single sign-on (SSO)?

There is a documented job submission issue (FMEFLOW-16583) while using FME Flow, Internet Explorer, and SSO. Upon submitting a job, Developer Tools reports a '401 Unauthorized' error. The fmeserver.log (core) will log an authentication error: 

Failed login by user guest due to insufficient credentials.

The issue was identified in FME Flow (Server) 2020.2 but may also be present in older versions. To work around this issue, use a different browser (e.g. Google Chrome) or disable SSO. 

Does the account running the FME Flow System Services have full access to the FME Flow System Share?

Ensure that the system account running the FME Flow System Services has the required permissions to the System Share. In particular, double-check that it can read/write to the 'Queue' folder (resources > logs).

Symptoms of this issue:

  • No logging is taking place (resources > logs)
  • There are errors related to the 'queue' in the fmeserver.log

To resolve this issue grant the service account full control of your FME Flow System Share. For details on all the permissions required by the service, account read our documentation

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Are you still experiencing issues?

Please consider posting to the FME Community Q&A if you are still experiencing issues that are not addressed in this article.

There are also different support channels available.


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