Installing the FME Plug-in SDK

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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The Software Development Kit (SDK) is available to anyone when they install FME Desktop. The SDK provides access to the FME Objects and FME Plug-in Builder APIs. You can use the APIs to create your own applications and plug-ins that make use of FME functionality.

These instructions are for Windows operating systems only, the SDK is automatically installed with FME for macOS and Linux systems. The resource paths are:

  • macOS: /Library/FME/<version>/pluginbuilder/samples/doc
  • Linux: /opt/<FME install folder and version>/pluginbuilder/samples/doc
  • Windows: \FME\pluginbuilder\samples\doc


Installation Steps

Note: If you have already installed FME without the SDK, you will have to uninstall and reinstall FME Desktop.

1. Download FME Desktop
Download the FME Desktop installer, which includes the FME Plug-in SDK, from

2. Select Custom
On the Choose Setup Type page of the installation wizard, select the Custom option, then click Next. 


3. Specify the Destination Folder
Browse to a location to install FME Desktop. This location will also be the location where the SDK help files will be located. 

4. Associate FME Desktop with File Formats
Decide if you want this version of FME to open when opening FME-specific file formats. 

If you are installing an older version of FME, you may be prompted to install Python 2.7. Note that Python 2.7 is no longer supported in FME 2022 or newer. 

5. Install SDK
On the Install the SDK page of the installation wizard, ensure that Yes is enabled. If this step is missed, FME will need to be reinstalled. This step is only available on Windows installations, the SDK is automatically installed on macOS and Linux. 

6. Specify Grid Shift Files
Next, confirm which method should be used for datum shifts. This choice can be updated later in FME Options. 

7. Confirm Installation Details
One final step before clicking Install is to confirm that the Install Software Development Kit is set to Yes. 

8. Find SDK Documentation
After installing FME, the SDK documentation and worksheets can be found in:




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