How to create an Autodesk Docs or Autodesk BIM 360 Web Connection

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Liz Sanderson
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If you're looking to connect to Autodesk Construction Cloud or BIM 360 Hub through the AutodeskDocsConnector, please see Adding FME through the Autodesk App Store for Use in the AutodeskDocsConnector for a simpler and recommended method to connect. Both of these methods will allow you to connect to your ACC and BIM 360.


There are two methods to set up a web connection for use in the AutodeskDocsConnector to access Autodesk Docs: one through Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC), and the other through BIM 360 Hub.

This article will walk through the two different ways on how to set up an Autodesk Docs web connection. This web connection is provided as part of the Autodesk Docs package which is available on the FME Hub and contains the Autodesk Docs (safe.autodesk-docs) web service definition.

Note: This service definition, safe.autodesk-docs, is provided by Safe Software for demonstration purposes and ease of use. The client id and client secret may become deactivated at any time. For production use, we recommend users obtain their own Client ID and Client Secret from the web service provider.

Note: The AutodeskDocsConnector replaces the deprecated AutodeskBIM360DocsConnector. The new package is a renaming of the old AutodeskBIM360DocsConnector to highlight that the transformer connects to both BIM 360 Docs and Autodesk Docs within Autodesk Construction Cloud.

How to create an Autodesk Docs Web Connection

To get the web connections working for your organization with your own Client ID and secret, you will need:


Set up your application in Autodesk Forge

In order to configure the web service correctly, you will need to retrieve/configure an app in Autodesk Forge and BIM 360.

The final step is to gather the above information and edit the web service in FME:
Configure the web service in FME

Forge App

For Application Type, ensure you are selecting the ‘Traditional Web App’.

In Create Application, select Traditional Web App
At a minimum, the app must have access to BIM 360 and Data Management APIs.

BIM 360 API and Data Management API are circled in the selection for API Access

Redirect URI/Callback URL

When configuring the Forge App, you will need to also configure the callback URL, which will be used for the Redirect URI.

In FME, you will need to set the Redirect URI so that it is consistent between FME and the Forge App.

callback URL is highlighted

Client ID & Client Secret

Once you have created the app, the details of the app will have the Client ID & Client Secret. Take notes of these for use in BIM 360 Hub and in FME.



Autodesk Construction Cloud or BIM 360 Hub: Custom Integration

It is also required to add the chosen Forge App as a custom integration on the BIM 360 Hub page or via Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Setting up with ACC will require an extra navigation step detailed below before continuing with the BIM 360 Hub instruction. If you wish to set up using the BIM 360 Hub only, skip to the BIM 360 Hub.

Custom Integration Via Autodesk Construction Cloud

As an admin, sign in to Autodesk Construction Cloud by going to and navigate to Account Admin > BIM 360 admin > Settings > Custom Integrations

Under Account Admin on the left panel, there is BIM 360 admin

Select Settings

After selecting Settings, continue with the instructions below to set up the Custom Integrations.


Custom Integration Via BIM 360 Hub

To set up via BIM 360 Hub, an admin can do this by going to and login with their credentials, then navigating to Settings > Custom Integrations > Add Custom Integration



Setting up the Custom Integration

Here you can select what access the custom integration will have:

select access to BIM 360 Account Administration and Document Management
Then enter the client ID of the connected Forge App.

enter the Forge Client ID


Configure the web service in FME

In FME Workbench, open up the Manage Web Services dialog. You can get to this from FME Options > Web Connections > Manage Services

Manage Services in the FME Options dialog

You will need to edit the Autodesk Docs (safe.autodesk-docs) web service:


Complete your web service configuration by entering in your Client ID and Secret, and the Redirect URI matches the callback URL that is specified for your application in Forge:


Save your web service and create a new web connection from FME Options or the AutodeskDocsConnector:


You can now begin using your web connection with the AutodeskDocsConnector.

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