Adding FME through the Autodesk App Store for Use in the AutodeskDocsConnector

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This article introduces a simpler method to connect to the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) or BIM 360 using the AutodeskDocsConnector.

Since FME has become an approved app in the Autodesk App Store, users can now simply add FME to their Apps logged in from ACC or BIM 360 without having to create a custom app or integration.

This method replaces the one from How to Create an Autodesk Docs or Autodesk BIM 360 Web Connection, which had required an admin to create a Forge App or Custom Integration for the web connection. The method from the article will still work, but adding FME as an App through the App Store will be a much easier process.

Skip ahead to Autodesk Construction Cloud or Via Adding FME Via BIM 360 Hub , depending on what you would like to connect to.



Step-by-Step Instructions

Adding FME Via Autodesk Construction Cloud

To let the AutodeskDocsConnector in FME Workbench access files in Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC), follow these steps to add the FME App in the Autodesk App Store.

1. Login to Autodesk Construction Cloud and Navigate to Apps
Sign in at and select Apps from the navigation at the left.

2. Find FME and ‘Install’ the App
Locate the FME App and click ‘Install’.

Click Install for FME on Autodesk Construction Cloud's App Store

Adding FME Via BIM 360 Hub

To let the AutodeskDocsConnector access files in BIM 360, follow these steps to add the FME App in the Autodesk App Store.

1. Login and Navigate to Apps
Sign in at and select APPS at the top navigation.

Autodesk Construction Cloud BIM 360 Hub Toolbar

2. Locate FME and Add the FME App to BIM 360
The grid in Apps is alphabetically sorted. Scroll down to FME and select the app, and click ‘Add to BIM 360’. Authorize the access and you’re ready to get started in FME Form.   

Click 'Add to BIM 360'

Configure the Web Service in FME

Now that you have the FME App enabled in either or both ACC and BIM360, open FME Workbench to get started with the AutodeskDocsConnector to access your files.

1. Download and Install the AutodeskDocsConnector Package
Download and install the AutodeskDocsConnector package from the FME Hub: Alternatively, from within FME Workbench start typing "AutodeskDocsConnector" and add it to the canvas to automatically download the package.

Type Autodesk in Quick Add in FME Workbench

2. Add a New Autodesk Docs Web Connection
Go to Tools > FME Options > Web Connections > Add button (+)
  • Select Web Service: “Autodesk Docs”
  • Specify a “Connection Name”
FME Options, Web Connections, Edit Web Connection
  • Click Authenticate and enter your Autodesk Account login
  • Click “Allow” to accept permissions to view your accessible data
Sign into Autodesk using the Web Service Authentication dialog

Now you’re all set to use the Autodesk Docs web connection in FME!

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