Known Issue: Unable to save an Automation when referencing output keys in downstream action

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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FME Version

  • FME 2022.0
Known Issue IDFMESERVER-18314
Discovered2022.0 b22339
Affects2022.0 b22338-40
Resolved2022.0 b22341


After building an Automation when you try to save it, there is a continuous loading symbol and the save action never completes. If you exit the Automation, you'll see it listed on the Manage Automations page but when you try and view the contents it is empty. 


This issue will occur if you are referencing an Output key in an Internal Action (e.g. Log Message, Filter Message or Run Workspace Action). 


Option 1: Implement Patch

  1. Download the attached fmeserver.war file
  2. Stop FME Server 
  3. Backup the located in <InstallDir>/Utilities/tomcat/webapps/fmeserver/WEB-INF/conf
  4. Backup the the fmeserver.war file in <InstallDir>/Utilities/tomcat/webapps 
  5. Remove <InstallDir>/Utilities/tomcat/webapps/fmeserver
  6. Copy the fmeserver.war file downloaded from this article to <InstallDir>/Utilities/tomcat/webapps
  7. Start FME Server
  8. Copy the from step 3 to <InstallDir>/Utilities/tomcat/webapps/fmeserver/WEB-INF/conf (overwriting the existing file)
  9. Restart FME Server

To check the patch has been applied correctly, go to FME Server and build an Automation that previously encountered the error e.g. 

Trigger = Manual Trigger
Internal Action = Log aMessage where Formatted Message = Event as JSON

Confirm you are able to save the Automation. 

Note: If you encounter a problem, revert this process by repeating steps 5-9 using the backup of the fmeserver.war taken in step 4, and contact Safe Software Support

Option 2: Upgrade FME Server

Upgrade FME Server to 2022.0 b22341 or newer. 

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