How to Uninstall FME on macOS

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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If you are looking to uninstall FME Desktop on macOS, please follow the instructions for a simple uninstall (remove or replace a specific FME version) or a complete uninstall (removing FME and all components entirely). 

Simple Uninstall 

Use this method if you intend to keep using FME on your computer, and are only installing a single version.  

In a Finder window, navigate to /Applications/, then delete the FME <version> folder.   

Note that if you are installing a different build of the same minor version, for example, you are wanting to install FME 2022.1 (b22630) but FME 2022.1 (b22618) is already installed, it will be overwritten during the installation. To install multiple builds of the same minor version, see the macOS instructions in Installing Multiple Versions of FME Desktop.

Complete Uninstall

Use this method if you no longer want any version of FME on your computer and the peripheral files. 

To fully uninstall all versions of FME, first navigate to the /Applications/ folder in a Finder window. Delete all FME <version number> folders. 

Next, navigate to /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/, then delete the following folders:
  • FME
  • FME Desktop Help
  • FME Licensing Assistant 
  • FME Quick Translator
  • FME Workbench 
  • Safe Software

Then navigate to /Library/ and delete the FME folder

There also may be content within the Caches. 
Navigate to the /Library/Caches/ then delete the Safe Software folder. 

The folder locations are:
  • /Applications/ - delete FME <version> folder(s)
  • /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/ - delete the FME & Safe Software folders
  • /Library/ - delete the FME folder
  • /Library/Caches/ - delete the Safe Software folder

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