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Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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FME Flow Hosted (formerly FME Cloud) is Safe Software’s hosted deployment option for FME Flow (formerly FME Server). Instead of spending time acquiring, configuring, and securing infrastructure, you can launch a production-quality FME Flow in minutes and manage the infrastructure for you.

To get started, navigate to FME Flow Hosted and sign up. On signup, you receive $250 of free credit, and you will be guided through launching your first instance.

Workflows are designed using FME Form (formerly FME Desktop), the authoring environment for FME Flow. You simply design your workspace using the FME Form interface and publish it to your FME Flow Hosted instance to start automating and scheduling your workflows.

FME Flow vs FME Flow Hosted?

If you are trying to decide between hosting FME Flow yourself versus running FME Flow on FME Flow Hosted and having Safe Software manage the resources for you, here are some resources that might help with your decision.
  • Feature Comparision - Review the FME Flow features, platform capabilities, and format support on FME Flow instances hosted on FME Flow Hosted.
  • Deployment Options for FME Flow in the Cloud - An overview of the options available to you if you are looking at deploying FME Flow in the cloud.
  • Support Policy - When running FME Flow on FME Flow Hosted, Safe Software manages the infrastructure for you. Read the support policy to review if the support offered meets your needs.
  • FME Flow Hosted FAQs - Frequently asked questions that have been asked before by customers looking to use FME Flow Hosted.

Managing and Configuring Instances

All of the management of the FME Flow instance is done through the web application with FME Flow Hosted. 


Delivering a High Level of Uptime on FME Flow Hosted

On FME Flow Hosted, Safe Software and the customer have a shared responsibility to keep the FME Flow running, which you can read about in our support policy.

Configuring the instance monitoring and alerting is key to ensuring a high level of uptime.   


Keeping FME Flow Hosted and your data secure is a huge focus for us. Read more on how we keep your data secure.
Documentation and how-to articles on configuring the security on instances.

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