FME Documentation

FME Desktop

FME Desktop Administrator's Guide

Find out how to install and license your version of FME Desktop, and perform other administrative tasks. (PDF Version)

FME Readers and Writers

A detailed technical guide to the many reader and writer formats available in FME.

FME Workbench

A guide to FME’s primary graphical tool for creating and running data transformations.

FME Transformer Reference Guide (PDF)

A quick reference describing each transformer’s functionality.

FME Workbench Transformers

A detailed technical guide to the many transformers available in FME Workbench.

FME Data Inspector

A guide to FME’s graphical tool for inspecting transformation results and other datasets.

FME Integration Console

Find out how to extend your "FME-ready" third-party applications so they will integrate with FME Desktop.

FME Quick Translator

Use this tool to perform simple, automatic data conversions.

FME Server

FME Server Documentation

The FME Server Administrator’s Guide, Reference Manual, Developer’s Guide, and Web User Interface Help all in one place.

FME Server REST API Documentation

The FME Server REST API provides a simple, open web interface for accessing core FME Server functionality. Use this technical reference to do anything from running a workspace to canceling a running job.

FME Server Tutorial

A series of exercises to help new users get started with key tasks in FME Server.

FME Cloud

FME Cloud Documentation

Discover just how easy it is to get up and running with FME Cloud by browsing through this handy guide.

FME Technical Reference

FME Coordinate Systems

Everything related to coordinate systems in FME.

FME Factory and Function Documentation

A detailed reference describing each of FME’s Factories and Functions.

Metafile Documentation

A detailed reference of FME’s Metafile syntax.

GUI Type Documentation

A syntax reference to set boxes for formats and transformers.

Transformer Definition Documentation

A detailed reference of the transformer definition file (.fmx) syntax.

IFMEReader setConstraints() Documentation

A technical reference of the IFMEReader’s setConstraints() method.

Python FME Objects API Reference

A complete reference for the Python FME Objects API objects and methods.

Python FME Plug-In API Reference

A complete reference for the Python FME Plug-In API objects and methods.

FME Extensions

FME Extension for ArcGIS

A guide to the FME Extension for ArcGIS.