Troubleshooting “FME Flow is not ready yet try again later error”

Dami Obasa
Dami Obasa
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You may come across an error message that prompts “FME Flow is not ready yet try again later error”

Typically, this error means that an FME Flow Core cannot connect to the database. More details on the error can be found mostly in the fmeserver.log or the fmeprocessmonitorcore.log. In this article, we will examine more details of that error message and the resolutions to help.

Here are some common error messages you may observe when going through the logs and the suggested resolutions 


Password Authentication Failed

Error message 

org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: FATAL: password authentication failed for user "fme-flow"



1. Check the password 

Confirm that the password created during the installation was correct and that you can connect to the FME Server System Database [created during installation] manually with the password that you created during installation. You should be able to do that with the pgAdmin tool.


2. Firewall 

In some cases, the issue might be that the database was not installed correctly due to restrictions that were set on the firewall. This might lead to the power shell script run being restricted. Please confirm if there is  if your PowerShell Execution is restricted in any policy you might have. 

The PowerShell policies to look out for include the following 

  • MachinePolicy
  • UserPolicy
  • Process
  • CurrentUser
  • LocalMachine

Document the state of these policies and inform support about their current state. In the meantime, turn off the MachinePolicy and check to see if the error persists 

Firewall policies to look out for are the policies that restrict any external applications from communicating with your internal network during your installation


3. Restart the server

In some cases, a simple restart might resolve this error as there might just be stuck processes during the installation


Post-Install Scripts Error

Error Message

An error occurred while running the post-install scripts: 

java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: \\pwp-nas7\FME2\key\fme_server.jceks.tmp



2022.1 to 2024.0
If the UNC path is expecting authenticated access (and not "Everyone" with Read Write access) then likely you will need to ensure all services of FME Flow are running with a service account (or user) with the appropriate local permissions (admin group) and access to the UNC share). 

This means the
- FME Flow Application Server
- FME Flow Core
- FME Flow Engine
services have the "log on as" update with the appropriate user account, and that account has proper read/write access to the shared drive location.

Upgrade FME Flow to version 2024.1 (Build 24551+)


Other Resolutions 

Confirm the ports are open; see the FME Flow Ports documentation. 


A policy to look out for is the Get-ExecutionPolicy. Please ensure this policy is not restricted. More details here: Change Powershell Execution Policy documentation. 



If the error still persists afterward, please send the core logs to FME Support, which is located in:


Mostly, the fmeserver.log or the fmeprocessmonitorcore.log 

Please also let us know the:

  • Build number 
  • FME version being installed 
  • Is your domain service account part of the local administrator's group?
  • Is the software installed with a user with Adminitrator’s rights?

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