FME Server Restore: Could not import resource tools

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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  • FME 2019.x


When I try and perform a Restore on my FME Server it fails with the error:

Could not import repository, item, or resource tools. Please check the previous error message. In case of name conflict, please either 1)remove the conflicting repository, item, or resource from the source FME Server, export a new backup package, and retry the import operation, 2)remove the conflicting repository, item, or resource from this FME Server and retry the import operation.


This may happen if you are moving to FME Server 2019.0 +. With the introduction of Automations an additional Repository was added named ‘Tools’. Therefore if your old FME Server contained a Repository named ‘tools’ this results in a conflict preventing the restore process from completing successfully.


Rename the old tools Repository and then repeat the backup/restore process. If your old FME Server is no longer available please contact Safe Software Support and they will assist you in modifying the .fsconfig file to overcome this error.

Note: The capitalisation is important - if you have a Repository named ‘Tools’ the restore will complete successfully and depending on whether you have ‘Overwrite Existing Items’ checked this will be handled differently.

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