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Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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When sending an email from on-premises, either FME Desktop or FME Server, the Emailer transformer is able to successfully send emails.
When publishing to FME Cloud, emails will fail to send, probably with this error (or similar):
SMTPDataError: Could not complete request. Message: (503, b'5.5.2 Need rcpt command...
This will likely happen when using the Emailer transformer within a workspace, or the email action in Automations (or email subscriber).


The 503 error is likely related to being unable to authenticate with the email server from FME Cloud.
SMTP Relay authenticates the connection via your IP Address. With your on-premise FME, it is probable that your IP address is known to the email server, so it is authenticated and emails will be sent successfully. As FME Cloud will be unknown to the SMTP relay, the email server will reject the outgoing emails with a 503 error.


To resolve this issue, you will need to assign your FME Cloud instance a static IP, if it doesn’t already have one. 

You will need to give the static IP address to your IT department (or whoever manages the email server). They will need to register this IP with the SMTP Relay.
If after doing this you still receive errors, pass those onto your IT department as there may be additional configuration steps to allow or delist the FME Cloud IP address.

You may be able to get more detailed error information by setting up an email action or email subscriber to attempt to send an email. You can then check the email logs (Resources > Logs > core > current > subscribers > email.log).


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