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Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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After Adding FME Engines on a Separate Machine the new engine host is not listed under the Engines > Hosts section of the FME Flow UI, even though the Engines themselves may be listed. As a result, it is not possible to change the number of Engines running on this host. 


There are a number of reasons why this can happen:

1. Initially, FME Flow was installed using the express option, then FME Engines were added to a separate machine, but the database update step was missed in the procedure so the System Database cannot be found by the Engine host. 

2. The FME Engine machine is reporting to the FME Flow Core a hostname that the FME Flow Core can not resolve.

3. The FME Engine cannot connect to the System Database. 

4. The Core and Engine hosts are in different time zones. 

5. The required ports are not open. 



1. On the Core host, open file pg_hba.conf, located in <FMEFlowDir>\Utilities\pgsql\data\ and update the following lines:

host    all     all      md5
host    all     all     ::1/128         md5


host    all      all         md5
host   all      all     ::/0             md5

Restart the FME Flow Database and FME Flow Engines services. See the documentation for more information. 

2. Ensure that the hostname that is received by FME Flow Core from the FME Engine machine will resolve to the FME Engine machine. The hostname of the FME Engine machine is specified in the parameter NODE_HOST in the processMonitorConfigEngines.txt file which can be found on the FME Engine machine in <InstallDir>\Server.

3. Check the Database Connection details specified in the fmeDatabaseConfig.txt are correct, in particular the DB_JDBC_URL, DB_USERNAME and DB_PASSWORD. (Note: In older versions of FME Flow this information may be in the fmeCommonConfig.txt and/or fmeServerWebApplicationConfig.txt).

4. It is recommended that the Core and Engine host systems are set to the same time zone.

5. Ensure that port 7500 is open on the Engine host.

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