Known Issue: Launching FME Server 2022 on a Starter Instance

Dami Obasa
Dami Obasa
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FME Version

  • FME 2022.0
Known Issue ID FMECLOUD-1977
Discovered  2022
Affects FME Server
Resolved Unplanned - See resolution


FME Server 2022 becomes unresponsive when restoring backups from a different machine of the previous version if the new FME Server was launched with an FME Cloud Starter instance. The web interface of the FME Server may display an error which states “Cannot communicate with the API in the browser” after a restoration attempt.



Every year, the CPU and memory (RAM) demands of FME Server increase and the Starter instance is no longer powerful enough to run FME Server 2022 in a stable way. The Starter instance falls below the recommended technical specifications required for FME Server to effectively run production workflows. A Starter instance is only recommended for prototyping or testing, not running production workloads.
Starter instances will be deprecated before the end of the year.



As Starter instances will be deprecated before the end of the year, it is strongly recommended to migrate to a Standard instance, which should be powerful enough to complete a restore of FME Server successfully.
If you wish to remain on a Starter instance, the workaround is to resize the Starter instance to a Standard instance, complete the restoration and then resize back to the Starter instance.
Please note that users will not be able to launch a Starter instance or resize to a Starter instance after 1st November 2022.

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