Notifications, Subscriptions and Topics not Installed Correctly

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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  • FME 2017.x


After installing FME Server go to the Notifications page. If the setup of the Notification Service failed you will not see any of the default Subscriptions or Topics. If you try to add a new Subscription there are no choices in the Type drop down.
This problem seems to occur when installing FME Server with your own web application server or FME Server database. The problem does not seem to occur with the Express install. To date this problem has only appeared on Windows.


The installer runs a script called in <FMEServerDir>\Clients\utilities called addSubscribers.bat which creates the default Subscriptions and Topics. The installer has trouble running this script during installations of FME Server where you are using your own application server (e.g. an existing Apache Tomcat) or where you are using your own FME Server database (e.g.Oracle).


Follow the steps below to run the Subscribers setup file manually.

Note: Be sure to perform these steps as an administrator.
  1. Ensure FME Server is running. If you are unsure, confirm by going to the Web UI (http://<host>:<port>/fmeserver). If FME Server is not running you can start it by going to Programs -> FME Server -> Windows Service -> Start
  2. Open a new command window (Start -> Run -> cmd)
  3. Change directories to <FMEServerDir>/Clients/Utilities
  4. Run the batch file addSubscribers.bat
  5. Refresh the Web Admin UI in your browser and then click on the Notifications tab. You should now see default Topics and Subscriptions.

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