Workspace Fails on FME Server: FME Version Incompatibility

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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An FME workspace runs correctly on FME Workbench but fails to complete on FME Server.

Errors encountered may look like:
  "This FME edition does not recognize the 'RoutingFactory' factory." 


  The clause 'FACTORY_NAME AttributeCreator_5 ATTRSET_PROPAGATE_MISSING YES' within 'FACTORY_DEF * AttrSetFactory FACTORY_NAME AttributeCreator_5 ATTRSET_PROPAGATE_MISSING YES INPUT FEATURE_TYPE TestFilter_5_UpdateRecord ATTR fme_db_operation Update OUTPUT OUTPUT FEATURE_TYPE AttributeCreator_5_OUTPUT' is incorrect. It must look like: FACTORY_NAME


This error usually occurs when a workspace has been created or edited in a newer version of FME and then run on an older version of FME Server. This occurs because new capabilities have been added to a transformer, which older versions of FME Server do not understand. In general, FME does not support forwards compatibility although it may work in some cases.


You may need to edit or rebuild the workspace in an FME Desktop version that matches the FME Server version. Alternatively, you can update the FME Server engines to the latest version.

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