Ubuntu Error Running Workspace with MITAB Reader/Writer

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Liz Sanderson
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When running a workspace on Ubuntu (or other Linux platforms) that contains the MITAB reader or writer you may receive the following error message:

INFORM|871007  Trying to find a DYNAMIC plugin for reader named `MITAB' 
WARN  |23017   DLL '/fme/Server/fme/plugins/mitab_fme.so' was found but could not be loaded. Ensure that all the dependent modules exist for this DLL 
ERROR |246009  Module 'MITAB' is unavailable for use with this FME edition


This occurs due to a missing dependancy. On Ubuntu, the dependancy is not delivered by default.


By using your Package Manager on your Linux system you can determine the missing dependancies.

Here are the instructions for Ubuntu.

1) Identifying the Error

From the FME log file we see the error message
"'/fme/Server/fme/plugins/mitab_fme_so' was found but could not be loaded. Ensure all the dependant modules exist for this DLL"

2) Determine missing dependancy

We need to find the dependancy's. From your FME Install Folder run the following command via a Terminal Window.
 ./fmeenv ldd plugins/mitab_fme.so | grep "not found"

This should return something similar to the following if this is in fact the problem.
 libjpeg.so.62 => not found libjpeg.so.62 => not found

Now we know the missing package modules.

3) Confirm and identify

Visit Ubuntu - http://packages.ubuntu.com and search for libjpeg.so.62. Once confirmed we can install it.

4) Install
To install the missing package module use your OS's Package Manager or you can use the following command from the terminal window.
 sudo apt-get install libjpeg62

Test the problem workspace again - all should be well now.

Please report any further issues to Support

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