Data Streaming Service Returns a .ZIP File

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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Using the Data Streaming Service in FME Server, you expect to have the results returned as a data stream but instead you receive a .ZIP file.


This is caused by the workspace returning more than 1 file. When this occurs, the Data Streaming Service will zip the results and return the archive instead of streaming the results.


In order to resolve this issue, it is best to run the workspace in FME Desktop and view the output. Verify why the output contains more than one resulting file and correct the workspace.

Some reasons for an unexpected file:

  • You intend to stream an image file, which the workspace creates but it adds a corresponding projection file.
  • An Attribute or Dataset Fanout has been set.
  • An extraneous writer or dataset has not been removed from the workflow.

Once the issue has been corrected, re-publish the workspace and run the Data Streaming service again to verify the issue has been resolved.

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