FME Server Services Cannot Start After Upgrade

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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You have uninstalled a previous version of FME Server and installed a new release onto the same system. When you attempt to run FME Server, the services will not start. Attempting to start the FME Server Core service manually within Windows Services dialog produces the following error message:



This issue can be caused by the FME Database Service failing to install properly or when you have uninstalled an older version of FME Server and then failed to reboot the system before completing the updated installation. In this case, the services are "marked for deletion" by Windows even though they have been updated to a newer version.


For more information on uninstalling FME Server see here .


To correct this issue, reboot the system and re-install FME Server using an account that has full administrative privileges. You should now be able to successfully run the services. For a full guide to upgrading FME Server see here.

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