Known Issue: Unable to download transformers and web services from FME Hub in FME Desktop

Sienna Emery
Sienna Emery
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FME Version

  • FME 2019.x


In FME Desktop 2019.x - FME Desktop 2021.0, you will be unable to download Hub Transformers after they have been deprecated or have been updated to use a new version.

Since web services do not have versions, if they have been removed from FME Hub, you will not see them in any version of FME. 


This has been fixed for Transformers in FME Desktop 2021.1. Users using older versions can manually download the transformer needed from FME Hub and then install the transformer by double-clicking it or copying it to one of the standard locations for the transformer. 

Known Deprecated Transformers:

This will be an ongoing issue for web services any web service that has been removed will not appear in any version of FME. 

Known Deprecated Web Services:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Web Connection- was found to not work properly. However, a copy of the Web Service can be found in the files section of this article. To import this web service follow the steps listed in the documentation. If you have a working version of this web service please leave a comment on this article. 

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