Known Issue: Admin Account Doesn't Get Flagged for Password Update

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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In FME Server, when the password reset feature has been enabled, sometimes the admin account will not be flagged for a reset. This issue will only affect the default user account ‘admin’ and doesn’t not affect any other created or default accounts.


This issue occurs when the FME Server database provider is SQL server and it is set to a different timezone (e.g. UTC) than the machine running FME Server (e.g. PST) and if they have chosen to bypass the requirements for admins to change their password on the first login, see Silent Install Windows documentation.

There is an issue with using the CURRENT_TIMESTAMP SQL function on SQL Server hosted on RDS. It stores the time in UTC rather than the timezone of FME Server. There doesn’t seem to be an issue with Oracle and PostgreSQL as they seem to store the CURRENT_TIMESTAMP function in PST.

When the default admin account is created, it uses the timezone of FME Server.


To resolve this issue, manually reset the ‘admin’ user account password in the FME Server Web UI. This can be done by being logged in as the admin, then going to your user preferences in the top right and clicking Change Password. Once the password has been changed, the FME Server and SQL database should sync back up.


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