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Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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Currently, the Danish Geo Data Agency is providing an experimental ATOM web service that gives links to pre-defined INSPIRE GML file downloads. You can examine this web service by clicking on the link to the RoadTransportNetwork layer:

You can see that within this ATOM feed there are links to pre-defined zip files of INSPIRE compliant GML numbered by each municipality's code or "Kommune Kode" for example:

Note: You will need to create your own data download account with Geodatastyrelse to actually download the zip files in the example below:

The data is provided free of charge thanks to the Danish Geo Data Agency (Geodatastyrelsen).

Step-by-step Instructions

With the attached workspace (see link above) you can download the INSPIRE data from the Danish INSPIRE download service and translate the data into any format you like. Please follow the bookmarks as we walk through the workspace:

1. The workspace includes 4 published parameters as shown below. The GeoRSS URL is the end point for the RoadTransportNetwork layer ATOM feed.


You will need to create your own user account if you want to run this workspace by going to the Danish Geo Data Agency website here:

2. The workspace reads the web service at the root level and includes feature types for the Feed and the Entries.
The Feeds feature type is metadata for the service and is disabled in the workspace. The Entries feature type will read one feature for each municipality in Denmark and will include an attribute with the ftp link to the data in the attribute LinkURI. A Tester is used so that we only process the entry for the municipality code entered in the published parameter.

3. Although we have the FTP link to the data we need to insert the user name and password into the URI and this is done with a few transformers in the third bookmark.

4. The HTTPFetcher transformer downloads this zip file and places it in the same directory as the workspace with the name Note:If all you need is the GML version of the file you can stop here.

5. The FeatureReader transformer is used to read the GML we downloaded directly from the zip file and into FME so we can take further steps such as schema mapping or writing the data out into any other format.

6. You can modify the schema to suit your needs using transformers such as transformers such as the AttributeRenamer, AttributeCopier, AttributeKeeper. In this example we simply renamed a couple of attributes and removed the rest.

7. You can add any FME writer you like to the workspace for the output - in this example we have used a Shape writer.

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