Workspace Fails on FME Server When Using UNC Paths

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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A job running on FME Server fails with an error in the log file. The error message may looks similar to this:
 Reader: Failed to open and parse file '\\MyNetworkLocation\Data\'. Make sure that the file exists and is valid 


This is likely caused by a permissions issue where the local services are trying to access a network location. These services are running under a "Local System" account and do not have correct permissions.


Change the user running the FME Server Engines Services, to use an account that has access to the network. This guide contains a step-by-step procedure. Once the service accounts have been changed, re-run the job and verify that it completes successfully. This is applicable to all versions of FME Server.

For more information on what each FME Server Service needs access to see the Directory and Account Permissions Documentation.


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