Using Geoid Height Grid file with FME Server

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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How do I use a Geoid Height Grid file with FME Server? My workspace runs fine on FME Workbench, but after I upload to FME Server I encountered errors in my translation.


After selecting a custom Geoid Height Grid for a coordinate system transformation (e.g. using CsmapReprojector) and publishing to FME Server, the translation fails with an error similar to:

WARN  |Open of datum shift data file (C:\ProgramData\Safe Software\FME Server\repositories\MyRepository\CoordinateTransformationWorkspace\..\..\GridData\Usa\Geoid03\g2003u01.bin) failed.
ERROR |CS-Map Reprojector: Unable to load grid file for 'C:\ProgramData\Safe Software\FME Server\repositories\MyRepository\CoordinateTransformationWorkspace/Geoid03-Nad83_Navd88-2003.gdc'

Or the translation is successful, but no transformation has been applied to the Z-value as indicated in the log file:

WARN  |CS-MAP Reprojector: Unable to find geoid height at (-97.3, 30.3).  Coordinate height will not be adjusted


The grid data catalog (.gdc) file that has been specified in the transformer must exist in the FME Server installation directory and the transformer parameter must point to the valid path of the .gdc file on FME Server.

1. Transfer the .gdc file to <FME Server>\Server\fme\Reproject\GeoidHeightGrids\

2. Open the .gdc file in a text editor and modify the path to point to the correct grid shift files in the <FME Server>\Server\fme\Reproject\GridData\ directory.


3. Restart FME Server.

4. Change the Geoid Height Grid parameter in the transformer to use the direct path to the .gdc file now on the FME Server instance, e.g. "<FME Server>\fme\Reproject\GeoidHeightGrids\Usa\Geoid03-Nad83_Navd88-2003.gdc".

5. When you publish the workspace to FME Server, do not upload the .gdc file with the workspace -- make sure that Upload Files is left unchecked, or that the .gdc is not selected.


Please let us know if this solves your issue, or if you encounter any other errors.

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