Using Batch Deploy to write data to an Oracle database, but the option is greyed out on the menubar.

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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I’d like to use Batch Deploy to write data to my Oracle database, but it is greyed out on my menubar. What’s happening?


FME Workbench help states that This function is only available in workspaces that have a single file/directory-based reader, and a single file/directory-based writer.

In other words you can’t use it to batch process any form of database such as Oracle or SDE, and if FME sees one of these as the source or destination it will grey-out the batch deploy function to prevent you using it!

Q) I’m using MicroSoft Access but I have the same issue – and it is file based!
A) True, but FME treats it as a database all the same. Sorry.

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