Known Issue: Directory Watch truncates network resource paths

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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FME Version

  • FME 2021.0
Known Issue ID FMESERVER-17246
Discovered 2021.1 
Affects 2019.0 and newer
Resolved 2022.2


When using an Automation Directory Watch trigger to monitor a network-based resource, the path is being passed into readers with a missing backslash at the end.  This creates an incorrect file name and causes triggered jobs to fail.  The File Path output key from the Directory Watch will appear to be correct, but the path is missing the backslash in the reader.  The Automation and job log will report messages such as the following:

Sending CREATE event for path: \\NETDIR-HOST\Folder\SubFolder\newfile.txt
Translation failed: "Text File Reader: Source dataset '\\NETDIR-HOST\Folder\SubFoldernewfile.txt' does not exist"

However, referencing the network resource macro (i.e: $(mynetdir)) will still function correctly in Run Workspace and Schedules, and all files and folders in the network resource will appear correctly in Files & Connections. 



This is caused when a network-based resource is missing a backslash “\” at the end of the UNC path.  For example, \\MY-HOST\Folder\SubFolder instead of \\MY-HOST\Folder\SubFolder\.  An incomplete path will still be accepted and considered valid if it's missing that last backslash, but it will not work in an Automation Directory Watch trigger.



To fix the issue, go into Files & Connections > Resources.  Select the network-based resource that you're having problems with and click Edit.  Add the missing backslash to the end of the UNC path.

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