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Can FME read and write to Oracle?

Yes - FME can read and write to Oracle tables using the Oracle non-spatial format. FME can read and write to Oracle spatial tables using the Oracle Spatial Object format. The Oracle Spatial Relational format is the very original oracle spatial format and is not used widely anymore. Sometimes somebody may be trying to extract old information and need this format.

Can FME work with G/Technology tables?

Yes - the G/Technology model is built on the older Oracle Spatial Relational format and it is necessary to use this format to read from G/Technology. G/Technology has also been upgraded to run on the Oracle Spatial Object model so there are fewer older versions around.

Which edition of FME do I need, to work with the Oracle formats?

You need the FME Professional Edition to read from Oracle and the FME Database Edition if you are writing to Oracle Spatial tables.


Do I need to install any special software?

Yes - you need the Oracle client so that we can access the Oracle libraries. The Oracle client can be an instant client or a full client install. It needs to be the same bit level as your FME - i.e. 32 bit FME needs 32 bit Oracle client. Follow these instructions if you are using an instant client: How to setup an Oracle Instant Client for use with FME

I have installed the Oracle client but my oracle formats are greyed out?

You have installed the wrong client or the client location is missing from the PATH variable.

Why are my Oracle formats greyed out in the formats gallery

Oracle clients for FME running on a 64 bit OS

Mac OS, FME and Oracle

What versions of Oracle does FME support?

FME supports all versions of Oracle from Oracle 8i to Oracle 19c. FME works with spatially enabled Oracle databases: Oracle Spatial and Oracle Locator. FME also works with Oracle Georaster, Oracle PointClouds and Oracle Autonomous.

FME is failing to connect to my database but I can access it with SQL Plus?

SQL Plus uses a different connection mechanism to what is used by FME. Try using a third party tool such as SQL Developer or Toad to access the database. If you are using a TNSNAMES connection then make sure you connect the same way from SQL Developer or Toad.
FME and Oracle Troubleshooting Guide

I have Oracle Spatial tables but they don't show up in FME when I use the Table list Picker?

We use the SDO Geometry metadata tables to find the spatial tables in your database. Some applications don't add that data into the database. See Adding metadata entries for Oracle spatial tables or views

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